Some words of introduction since this is the first entry:

Hi there! This is the start of my daily blog. I adore my Hobonichi Techo, but I often have more to say than I can put on each page and I want to start using it more for planning and less as just a diary. I'm caught between my love for analog—notebooks, pens, film cameras—and my fascination with the digital world—fancy to-do list apps, social media, everything being easily accessed on my phone—and I need to accept that there's no way I can rely 100% on a paper planner. I miss getting my thoughts out there in long-form like I did before Twitter happened. So...this blog! I'm going to talk about my daily life, my interests, things I've been reading about, my random shower thoughts, and other stuff along that vein. If you're more interested in my creative work, I post more about all that on my Patreon.

I'm sure once I've written more here, I'll have more of a "brand" concept, but right now I just want to write and see where I end up. Thanks for being here and reading!

I've started choosing a word of the day for each day in my techo. It's me choosing my theme word, a word I feel is important to the day I just had. I then look up the word in Japanese and write out the kanji, so it doubles as kanji writing practice. I'm going to use those words as my blog entry titles and today's is tactile.

Here in Dallas, we got hit by a nasty cold front all of a sudden. I can't stand the cold[1] and my tiny hands are easily frozen, so it's hard to type or work on anything when it's cold. I'm also blaming the cold for my inability to get full combos in Bandori today. The free outdoor morning yoga session I was supposed to go to this morning got cancelled because of it, but I was so itching to do yoga that I decided to attend a 90-minute hot yoga class at my studio. I'd never been to a 90-minute session before, so the thought of it was daunting. I almost didn't, but I went anyway.

I could feel my fingers warming up as I laid on the mat waiting for class to start and letting my body acclimate to the high temperature. My mind completely cleared as I focused on the difficult poses and by the end of it, I felt so glad that I'd pushed myself to go. I went to a cafe to get some writing done after that; I was ready to work.

Even though I had already printed out my outline for Without a Voice, I wrote out another, briefer outline in my Mnemosyne notebook to indicate scene changes and things to focus on. I also used that space to write out the poem for that particular scene. Now, I've had this same notebook since I was working on The Blind Griffin, which is what the very first page is about. There are notes in it from when I was still in university. As you can imagine, this notebook has been through a lot with me. Post-hot yoga, on this day in 2018, my fingers were warm and my thoughts flowed through my arm to the pen to the paper.

A[s] writing by hand requires more subtle and complicated motion from your fingers than typing, it actually increases activity in the brain’s motor cortex, an effect that’s similar to meditation.[2]

This isn't a new notion, but I've recently been realizing anew how great it is to write out my ideas rather than type them. I can't give up computers and my Freewrite so easily, but I want to carve out a synergetic space where I can organically grow and create my ideas, then use all this wondrous technology to get it all down. I guess it's because I'm a 90's kid. I grew up with the internet, but still had to learn cursive at school.

I'm not ready or willing to give up either.

  1. a word here which means "less than 72 degrees F" ↩︎

  2. ↩︎