Today was a nice day. I was off from work, so I slept in and then my boyfriend Kiki and I spent the day out. After lunch, we took a walk in the park and then spent a few hours in a café. I got some writing done as he read a non-fiction book, Priestess of Morphine: The Lost Writings of Marie-Madeleine in the Time of Nazis, that he just picked up. Apparently, it's about a Jewish lesbian author and poet who lived in Nazi Germany. It sounds fascinating and I'm totally going to snag that book from him when he's done with it. In my case, I got a Patreon post done, as well as a scene for Shuye's route in Spirit Parade.

After I finished my coffee, I wanted to get some lemonade and since I like lavender (I had ordered a lavender latte before), the baristas suggested lavender lemonade. LAVENDER LEMONADE!! It was absolutely amazing. I can't have it too often because of the sugar content, but it'll be a nice treat to myself every once in a while, I reckon.

We went to IKEA after that and I picked up a few miscellaneous items I needed, as well as a desk lamp! I adore the detailing on this lamp and I really dig the retro look. Kiki stopped me from getting a glass sculpture designed by Junko Mizuno, which I'm grateful for because it totally would've been an impulse buy I'd regret in a day or two.

One of our last stops was to our local Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket, to pick up some mochi for my mom. My mom's a hairstylist and while she doesn't take money from family and friends, she definitely enjoys bribes/tips in the form of food. While Kiki bought the mochi, I browsed Kinokuniya and picked up a copy of Your Story is Your Power, which I'd been meaning to grab for a while[1]. I noticed that Kinokuniya finally put up some signage—or maybe it's been there all along and I just never looked up.

I didn't actually go anywhere new today. I've been to that particular café before and I've definitely been to IKEA and Kinokuniya many times before. Yet there was a little something to discover at each place. I sat on the opposite side of the café today and so I got to listen to the baristas chat[2]. IKEA had some new things out and I looked at the rugs for far longer than usual. Kinokuniya had a new display for Mother's Day. I've lived in this town for almost my entire life. At this point, I could map out the major areas and streets from memory and oftentimes I take it all for granted.

This city, like most other cities, is growing and changing. When I take some time to look around me instead of at my phone[3], I notice that in these places I've gone to for years and years, things are not quite the same as before. And in these streets that never change, more shops and cafés and restaurants are popping up to create a more diverse, vibrant area around me. Yes, this sometimes creates the danger of impulse buys because I'm weak. More often than not, though, I discover something...not so new, perhaps, but wonderful.

  1. The authors wrote this great essay on Medium about the book and the philosophy of it, which you should definitely peruse to see if this is your thing. ↩︎

  2. At one point, they got so bored they decided to experiment and ended up steaming lemonade. Shockingly, it did not go well. ↩︎

  3. This is not a knock on anyone who is always on their phone. I'm always on my phone (I'm a millennial, after all) and that won't change too much, probably. ↩︎