They say that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit[1]. Well, I'm now seven days into this daily blog, so I'm making good progress! I'll be sending out my first newsletter tomorrow, so make sure you've subscribed—just scroll down to the bottom of this page and punch in your email address—and you'll receive the inaugural issue.

I had an easy day today. I slept a lot and spent a little too much time chasing a fly around my room. It's nice to just relax sometimes and gather my spirits for strong creative days.


I also dusted off this Woodland Crochet kit I got at work a few months ago, which explains how to crochet some cute forest creature amigurumi. I started off with the fox, since that's one of the two they give you yarn for. I haven't really knit or crocheted anything for a few weeks ever since I finished a rather labor-intensive lace scarf I'd been working on for months. The urge to knit scarves, sweaters, etc. went down for me as temperatures around here went up, plus I work less and make less money now, so yarn purchases are the first on the budgeting chopping block. But even if it's hot out, I can still enjoy making a cute amigurumi and I've got quite a bit of orange, black, and brown yarn, so I may as well make foxes out of it.

I think the fox is turning out pretty cute! So far I have the head done and like half of an ear. It is tricky working on it because the pieces I'm making are microscopic. I feel like I have to contort my fingers and hands into weird shapes to keep the yarn at the right tension while jabbing my hook into teeny spaces. But the nice thing about knitting is it's a hobby with no deadlines for me. I do so much creative work—and creative hobbies—that it often feels like I'm taking a break from writing by doing other writing, but needlework is more technical. It's refreshing to focus on nothing and just knit for a while.

I've been juggling a few writing projects recently and challenging myself to switch gears more often. The tone of Spirit Parade is very different from Without a Voice and Tremolo. I don't particularly struggle with hopping between WaV and Tremolo because they're both mysterious and both take place in a forest and both are written in 3rd person.


I actually wrote a few hundred words of a scene from SP before realizing I'd written it in completely the wrong tense and PoV. So I wrote myself a little note, had a nice laugh, and fixed my writing.


I've found that it's good for me to schedule specific things I want to write. I used to just have "game dev" or "writing" blocks, but I'm much more focused when I have a specific goal. That way, when I sit down to work, I know that I'm working on, say, Spirit Parade Shuye route day 15. I've got my outline ready, my notes ready, and I sit down, put on some atmospheric music, and go.

This year I want to make less excuses and make more stuff. I don't want to rely on some nebulous inspirational feeling to be able to achieve what I need to. Practice makes perfect! I've been stumbling still, but I feel every day I'm getting closer to the best creative process for me and I'm super excited to keep it going.

Thank you for tuning in this week as I start this blog and figure out what kind of tone and direction I want to take with it. If you're reading for the first time, welcome! Have a nice, digital cup of tea and enjoy your stay.

  1. This has been debated. ↩︎