Today I successfully applied false eyelashes[1] for the first time! I'd always wanted to try them. My natural eyelashes are pretty long and voluminous, but they're stick straight like the hair on my head and no mascara or magical eyelash curler will get them to lift for more than an hour or two. The effect of the fake lashes is pretty cool! When I crimp them to my real ones, it lifts them and make my eyes look bigger (and extra eyelid folds on my left eye less pronounced).


Va-voom! I don't know if I'd do it daily or anything, but it's a nice way to look extra fancy without too much extra effort.

So I have a membership at a yoga studio, but there's this place that does free outdoor yoga in the morning every Saturday and I went for the first time today with a friend. It was a sort of substitute class for us both. She's got a membership at a different place and neither of us want to pay $20 to drop in at the other's studio, so we meet halfway and go to these. It was quite chilly this morning and the wind kept blowing me over when I was trying to do the warrior pose. Not to mention that it's already pretty difficult balancing on uneven grass! It was a fun experience, though, and I'll probably start going every Saturday.


It's interesting seeing all the strange, hipstery things on sale at Target. We were there for close to two hours today. I have now tried pea milk, haha. Pea milk tastes pretty much the same as soy milk, but with a bigger price tag. I'm glad we didn't get a big bottle of it for that reason, but it was a fun experiment and it looks like it's pretty healthy. As much as I love soy milk and soy-based products, the isoflavones in it can mess women up pretty bad if we have too much of it.

In other news, I sent out my first newsletter today[2]. I've settled on the title The Lore Letters. For the non-blog-related part, I talked about maps and map-making. Afterwards, I was linked to this cool thread on Twitter about computer-generated maps and was reminded of how much I love computer-generated stuff.


Fun fact: the planet Erewhon shown in Ristorante Amore[3], as well as the starscape around it, was actually computer generated! I just kept generating planets until I saw one that I liked, and then applied a sort of watercolor effect to it and touched it up a bit.

Right now I'm working on a hand-drawn map of the mountain and forests of the Wilds that Tremolo takes place in. The setting is the Pacific northwest, but it's not meant to be an actual mountain or anything. I've been pretty vague in the story so I can have room to make things up. This is worldbuilding in the most literal sense, I think.

I think I like the structure of the newsletter being:

  1. recap of the blog posts for the week
  2. talk about something that's interested me lately, along with quotes and links for more on the subject
  3. gentle reminders and motivational text

I do want it to be very interactive, so I hope that you all will continue to reply to it or discuss/link me things via Twitter after reading. I've got much more time for social media now with my part-time work schedule, so I'd love to get back into the swing of things and catch up with people. This blog, too, is meant to be pretty informal and personal and cozy. I can't seem to get Disqus working on it for some reason--I think it might be the layout's fault--but feel free to reach out if something I talk about piques your interest and you have something to share.

I hope it's warm wherever you are and that you are having a lovely weekend.

  1. I've always wondered why they're called "false" eyelashes. I guess eyelash wig or whatever does sound a little weird. ↩︎

  2. I probably won't archive all of my letters, but I thought it'd be nice to save the first one. ↩︎

  3. This is technically a spoiler. ↩︎