It's always interesting going back to work after a couple of days off. It takes me a little while to find my bearings again, to regain the "normal" that I'd so carefully built up through daily routine. Today was a busy day at work, made harder by the fact that I knew I was going out to meet friends afterwards.

I also started a mini-meal plan today. I had a coupon for a week of meal plans at Snap Kitchen, so I decided to get three days' worth of planned meals—one for each day I have to go to work. It's convenient not having to worry about cooking or getting food together on top of getting ready for work. The food is pretty delicious and it works well for my new diet restrictions, but the price point... It's hard to be healthy on a budget. It requires so much self-discipline and planning, then the local supermarkets throw a wrench in things with what they decide to put on sale.


After work, I went to my friend's house for a game night. We revisited a game we've played before called Mysterium. It's a fun cooperative game where everyone's trying to guess how a ghost was murdered. One player gets to play as the ghost, who uses abstract artwork cards to communicate with everyone. I played the ghost and everyone got veeeeery close, but couldn't figure out my murderer in the end.


We also played a few rounds of Red7 by Asmadi Games. It's much more strategic, kind of like Uno meets Poker. I didn't win much in that game, but it was fun trying to execute strategies that might only come to fruition at the very end. That's kind of how I like to play these card games, setting up a long con and getting to see the looks on everyone's faces when I carry it out after seeming like I was struggling before.


It's important to make time in your life to spend time with your friends. It's so easy to get sunk into your work or your mental issues and forget that you have people who care about you and want to spend time with you. The Aloe Bud app, which I've been beta testing, has a reminder specifically for friendship/social check-ins. I've been finding that reminder really useful for keeping in touch, especially with friends I don't get to see or talk to as often.

If you've spent a lot of time on your own today, try getting out of your comfort zone tomorrow and reconnect with an old friend. Think of somebody who means a lot to you and send them a message to let them know! You never know how much your "Hey, I was thinking of you. How have you been?" text message might save someone.