There are two important things to know about me to understand the following anecdote. First, I work at a used bookstore. Second, I KonMari'd my room a few months ago. That involves discarding things you own that you no longer get any joy from. So one of the big things for me was getting rid of years' and years' worth of books that I'd never read or maybe touched like, once. I decided to sell them to my store because I figured I had pretty good books and they might sell in my store. The thought of seeing my old books on our shelves or even seeing people buy them or checking those customers out at the register kind of thrilled me, so I did it. When you're an employee, a manager has to process your buy, so it took a few days for them to get around to it. The amount of money I got exceeded my expectations and it was a pretty nice feeling, not gonna lie.


I used some of the money to treat my boyfriend and myself out to a nice dinner at this yakiniku place that we only go to for special occasions. Ahhh delicious meats. One upside of finding out that I'm diabetic is that I'm eating and appreciating meat a lot more. I honestly didn't eat a whole lot of meat before this... I could go several days without eating any meat. It wasn't exactly a conscious decision to avoid meat, I just really like vegetables and tofu.

I have been slacking a little bit on my diet, though. Quitting (most) carbs and sugar completely cold turkey was just too hard for me. I don't have the greatest self-control and when I see a box of cookies, I want to eat some cookies. I am the type of person where even if I am stuffed and feeling sick, if you put a bowl of snacks in front of me, I will grab for them automatically and eat them anyway. I've been trying to come up with ways to stop this, but they mostly involve putting food away where I can't see it. This doesn't work well in a public setting or when I'm at someone else's place. I mean, my friends understand that I'm like this and support me by putting away things that I shouldn't be eating, but everyone slips up sometimes—what I'm saying is I definitely had 5[1] chocolate chip cookies today at work because the box was put in front of me while I was on my lunch break.


Progress is a process.
Progress is a process.
Progress is a process.

Take a moment with me and repeat that to yourself if you need it. Peony incense totally not necessary, but a cool mood-setter.

Today I also finally got to visit this shop called Whole Earth Provision Co. that we've passed by dozens of times and have been curious about, but never had the chance to go in. I was expecting it to be kind of a healthy grocery store, but it ended up being more like Barnes and Noble meets REI meets Lush. I didn't end up buying anything, but I really liked the atmosphere and will definitely be back when I need to buy thoughtful birthday gifts and stuff.

I'm off the next four days and need to buckle down and get creative. I've also been considering changing the scheduling for Tremolo to make things easier for my patrons. I get really inspired for it and I'd love for the voting window to just be 2 hours so I could just churn out the next chapters right away, but that's just not realistic and if I want people to be able to have time to engage with the work and vote, I may have to rethink how I'm doing things right now. But that's the beauty of a self-published project like this: I can change things on the fly and figure out what process works for everyone!

Nothing has to stay the same forever.

  1. It might have been 8 cookies. In my defense, they were mini-cookies only 1.5" in diameter!! ↩︎