I was hesitant to use this as my theme word because I just know that a day will come that gives me worse whiplash and then I won't be able to use it. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!

Today I woke up thinking that it was the first day of my four days off at work, but I was wrong. It's tomorrow. And then once I got to work, I was told that a coworker (and very good friend) had a family emergency and will be out all week, so they need people—particularly tomorrow for shipment day duties—and would I please come in tomorrow and work? I said yes because I wanted to help, but agreeing to do something doesn't mean you're not going to feel disappointed. At least I'll make some extra money, but that was some mood whiplash...

I went over to my other friend and coworker's place for lunch and we watched a bit of the Daredevil show, which I like. I think I got close to finishing season 1, but kind of wandered off. My friend is entrenched in season 2 so I didn't fully understand what was going on, but the Punisher was there and I love him and all his moral grayness. The actor has such charisma, too! It makes me want to pick up Daredevil again or go ahead and watch The Punisher. I had wanted to save it for after I caught up with Daredevil since that came out first, but I think chronologically The Punisher happens first, anyway. Hmmm decisions, decisions...


So I don't really have any personal photos from today to share[1]... I took this screenshot in Bandori this morning because I managed to get this coveted 4-star card...! I had given up hope of getting it, so imagine my surprise when I got her pretty much with stars I got for free! I'm trying hard not to get too sucked into this game. I have sunk embarrassing amounts of money into mobage in the past and kind of wrecked my health (mental and physical) over mobage as well as MMORPGs[2]. They are fun, but can be very dangerous and I never want to be in that state again.

(Photo by Jessica To'oto'o)

I've said before that my self-control isn't great. It's really easy to just live off of instant gratification in the present while not thinking of your future. "It's ok if I blow all my money now, I'll just throw some in my savings later!" Except "later" never comes and then a month later you're really regretting it, but it's too late. I'm still trying to better manage my money and not give in. I don't always succeed, but I'm improving. I do want to get better about making bad decisions when emotional or stressed out. Like when I was so fed up with my diet last week that I just went off the deep end and ate sweets and carbs like crazy. Apparently, not even the threat of death, amputated limbs, or my teeth all falling out is enough to scare me into eating better all the time. Guh. I did well today, though!! Totally on target with all my macros.

I hope you're having a nice Tuesday (or Wednesday?) wherever you are~ I'm off to go watch Cardi B videos on YouTube. My music taste rotates throughout the year and I'm totally on my rap kick right now, so I'm not going to listen to anything else, really, for at least the next two weeks and her new album is lit.

  1. The photos I use on this blog are a mix of my own plus ones from Unsplash, which is royalty-free. (I think it's obvious which are which) I would like to eventually transition to only using my own, but that definitely requires a better camera. Or...having a camera at all. Someday...! ↩︎

  2. BF(Kari), Ensemble Stars, Tokimeki Cafe, and Ether Saga were all really bad for me. I can't say what exactly about those specific games caused me to sink so much time and money into them. I had fun, but I am left with lots of painful memories, as well. ↩︎