My limbs feel like jelly. I went to Zumba again this morning with a different instructor and there was a lot more jumping involved. No pain no gain, though, right? I've lost 5 lbs since I started seriously dieting and exercising to counteract my diabetes and I'd like to keep that momentum going.

Kiki came over and after lunch, we went on a walk around the neighborhood. There's something about nature that brings out a different mood. We had more serious talk than usual, but it was nice. Sometimes—oftentimes—I worry. When I tell my thoughts to another person, especially Kiki, it helps me process my thoughts and feelings. I didn't know how freeing it is to have someone you feel you can tell anything to. I am glad to have someone like that in my life, but it's scary, too. That person has so much power. If they ever go away, a huge black hole will open up that just might swallow everything up. I only hope that I can be that kind of presence for him and for my other best friends, too.

A friend came over today and we had a work date. We basically sat in the same room for five hours and barely spoke a word to each other, but the atmosphere was such that we were both able to focus much more than we would have alone.


I worked on Spirit Parade. I've been doing a lot of writing for it, but I decided to change track today and work on coding instead[1]. The underworld routes have a mini-game, too. It's the same as the restaurant one—yet a little different. That key difference of setting took a few hundred lines of codes to account for, but it's working smoothly now. The human brain is amazing. I don't think I've coded anything more complicated than sprites for several months now and was worried I'd have to be eyeballs deep in documentation to remember everything, but I picked it all right back up.

Yesterday I picked up some new dry shampoo after seeing it recommended by a YouTuber I follow who has a similar hair type to me. It works amazingly. I used it after my workout this morning and my hair is so voluminous and oil-free that it's frankly a little scary!

I've always been lazy about skin care and lazy about foundation and mascara. As I'm getting older, though, my skin texture is getting worse. If I want nicer skin, I have to start today. Now. I have to establish a better beauty routine. But do you ever feel like you just can't find the perfect products for you? I do. Bleh. I think I might talk about "what I carry in my bag" and "my skincare/beauty essentials" in the next post. Or the next next. That stuff is so personal, though. Who knows if it'll be useful to anybody else, even people who seem to have the same skin type as I do?

Tomorrow I'm going to explore a forest, which I've been meaning to do for a while. I'm writing two projects right now that take place in a forest, though there are forests in Spirit Parade, so you could say that forests are involved in everything I'm writing! I don't think I've been in a forest for a very long time. Dallas isn't exactly known for its nature. I'm excited to immerse myself in it and get some good 'ol exercise in the outdoors tomorrow[2].

P.S. I didn't use any Unsplash photos in this post! Yeah!!

  1. I did end up editing and rewriting a large chunk of the script, too. I already am self-conscious and critical of something I wrote just two days ago. Yikes. ↩︎

  2. This sentiment reminds me of those self-care posts that are like GO OUTSIDE MORE. GO OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW. Then inevitably, people are like "But it's dark?" "But I live on a boat/50-story building?" ↩︎