Sometimes you just gotta kick yourself into gear. I think that my inspiration from last night carried over, so I had an easier time writing today. I don't like relying on such a nebulous thing as inspiration, though. When I think about it, I guess it's more...momentum? It's far easier to continue something than it is to start something. So you have to force yourself to start and then things will continue from there.

The Forest app definitely helped me today, too, though. The developers have made a sleep app with a similar structure and I definitely downloaded that to try tonight. I always struggle to fall asleep because even when I'm in bed, I end up spending at least an hour scrolling through Twitter or something.


I'm hustling to meet my productivity goals that I set at the end of last month. I'm almost there, but there's only a few days left in April, so I have to continue to push. I spent a few hours at a café today working on Spirit Parade and the script for Shuye's route is now 1/3rd done overall! Things are progressing smoothly and I love how his character is coming along. I ended up writing three whole scenes today instead of just one. Once I finished one, I just felt like I wanted to keep the ball rolling. Only my sore back forced me to retreat, haha. I love the atmosphere of the café I was at, but the backless chairs and slightly-too-high table were not doing me any favors.

I got to show off my Freewrite again. I feel like a salesperson whenever I explain the features and stuff. One of the baristas said I should come more often because me "typing away on my typewriter adds to the atmosphere."[1] I do love that particular café, but it's a little pricey for me to be going to very often.


Oh OH!! I want to make an honorable mention of the delicious mushroom burger I had at Shake Shack today. The mushroom was full of cheese!! My mouth is watering just remembering the texture of it. So crunchy and juicy... The burger was pretty small, but still like $7? A dollar menu burger for Gucci prices. But Kiki said that he'd prefer spending more money on food that's better-portioned and made from good ingredients. "That's how it is in Japan." That's a good point. I paid for smaller portions in Australia, too, but the food was all delicious. I need to get rid of my habit of considering food's worth by its size.

It was a nice day today. I definitely want to keep up my writing streak through tomorrow...!

  1. I mean, to be fair, if I was in her place, I'd try really hard to entice someone to come back more often to buy my $6 lattes, too. ↩︎