Today I went to an arts festival for the first time! It was absolutely lovely and fun going through and looking at all the booths. I didn't expect to spend so much time there, but we ended up staying for about three hours.


There was a blacksmith!! I've never seen one up close before, so that was very cool. Most of the booths were jewelry places, but there was a lot of original art, food, and other goodies, as well. I picked up a cute moss agate necklace and Kiki got a pair of earrings fashioned out of antique fountain pen nibs. The music performances they had were also nice to listen to as we walked. I wish I'd got one of the guys' names; he did Amy Winehouse's Back to Black without changing the pronouns and I am all about that.

I bought my first painting at the festival! I technically own some traditional art pieces that I commissioned, but they're all on paper and this one is legit canvas and everything.

I was captivated by the booth of a Korean artist named Christine Song. Most of the other booths had white tarp and were very bright, but hers stood out because it was underneath black tarp. It was cozy and dark inside, inviting you out of the sun. She specializes in fashion design and each of her paintings uses only black, white, and gold paint, features only mysterious, waifish-looking women whose faces are usually obscured, and is titled with a woman's first name.

While browsing the booth, I saw a card with this artwork on it and was drawn to the image, so I picked it up. I was a little sad that there wasn't a print of it, but I figured I could pin the card onto my corkboard or something. But when I stepped further in to pay for the card, my eyes caught on the original painting. The artist was kind enough to offer me a discount, so I went ahead and bought it.

I feel like it was a kind of fate.

There's something about this particular piece that really draws my eye. Ms. Song's paintings in general have a timeless, vintage feel to them, but this one, with the lantern and tree branch, looks particularly like a moment from a more distant time. It inspires me. There's less gold used compared to her other pieces, but I feel like the minimal use of gold makes it particularly striking. When it catches the light just right, it glitters. Anyway, I immediately hung it up next to my desk after I got home[1]. I'm still torn on whether or not to frame it, but I like the minimalist feel of the no-frame look. I think I may just leave it as it is.

The artist herself looks like she stepped out of one of her own paintings. She was dressed in a long, delicate black dress with an elegant black hat. Audrey Hepburn might have worn that very outfit. Instead of standing in the booth to welcome patrons, she stood outside it watching us from a distance. A lot of things happened today, but somehow these few moments are seared into my memory.

It is particularly interesting to me that the title of the painting I purchased is "Christine"—the artist's own name. It's not the only one that bears that name, but I can't help but wonder if there is a little of herself in it.


I ate very well today. We had dim sum for lunch followed by dessert. I'm not sure what to call this... A durian ice cream sundae? I found out today that my boyfriend can eat durian! He didn't think it smelled bad and the bite he had tasted good to him. It made me pretty happy because durian is a favorite of mine. It's something that most people in the world can't eat, though. You either love it or just a whiff of it will make you sick[2]. We then had hotpot for dinner and I still feel stuffed from that, but it was delicious.

I've had a bit of a sensory overload. I saw such beautiful things, heard lovely music, and tasted delights. I didn't do anything productive, technically, but I think that it's important to step back and have days like today. I feel refreshed and ready for the weekend. I hope you, too, had a wonderful day wherever you are.

  1. I've paused to look at it several times while typing up this post, haha. ↩︎

  2. If you're curious as to why, here's a fascinating article on it. ↩︎