I think this is the first day since I started this where I really don't know what to talk about. I don't have a big idea or advice to share, nothing out of the ordinary happened today... I'm just going to reach into my brain and see what comes out.

Guy1: Whoa, is this a Pokémon comic book? Wait, it's a book about Pokémon!
Guy2: Why are you so amazed by this?
Guy1: I mean, why would they make books about Pokémon?
Guy2: Huh?
Guy1: Don't you think the number of people who like Pokémon AND read books is extremely small?
Guy2 and Me, eavesdropping from a few yards away: ............

This morning I saw that I got a random content strike or whatever on YouTube on a private video of the first VN I ever started working on[1]. Because I keep such detailed notes, though, I was able to track down the link of the free sound file I used, which was not the track they claimed it to be. This got me curious about the other videos on my YouTube channel, which are mostly trailers for the games I worked on. However I also have this one really old video that is me explaining how to play the mini-game in the Japanese otome game Hana Awase. It reminded me that I never did play that far into the second game, nor did I ever start the third. I used to love that series! It just took too long for the subsequent games to come out and I got busier and busier.

I haven't really played a whole lot of games in the last year or so since I started my full-time job. I'm more or less stuck to mobile games because they're easy to play in short bursts. Now that I have more time, I'd really like to go back and play some of the otome games I've accumulated and am still interested in, but my Japanese reading skills have gotten pretty rusty.

Speaking of Japanese, my boyfriend told me the other day while napping I was sleeptalking in Japanese. Apparently I said iranai[2] a couple times in an annoyed voice while shaking my head, and then after several minutes of not saying anything, I said doushite?[3] How strange. I wonder what I was dreaming about? I very rarely remember my dreams at all, sadly.


I've been working on MerMay stuff with two of my friends. One of them is drawing and I'm alternating prompts with the other. Basically, I'm writing drabbles/flash fic and my other friend is doing poetry and short stories based on the daily prompts. Then our artist friend is doing an illustration based on our stories. The picture above is the one from May 4th, which was my story. My friend's Instagram is over here if you want to check out the other stuff!

My cat was bothering me while I was eating dinner, which was basically just boiled chicken dipped in ginger fish sauce. I gave him little bits and pieces and only noticed at the end that he ate the dark meat and quietly nudged the white meat under my chair. Rude! We have to be healthy together, cat!!

Finally, I've been playing Regency Love a lot recently and it's super fun! Sadly, I read on their blog that it's on indefinite hiatus as of a week or two ago. D'oh. Bad timing. I think what's available is already really good, though! I'm chasing after the militia man right now, ohoho~

  1. The project was, sadly, abandoned after my artist friend dropped out. ↩︎

  2. "I don't want/need it." ↩︎

  3. "Why?" ↩︎