I am a multidisciplinary creative. I code things. I write things. I design things. I even, sometimes, draw things. Often it's nice being able to switch disciplines when I'm bored or burnt out on a particular activity. Sometimes, sadly, it really gets me all turned around and frustrated when I have to juggle all these things. But that's life.

The last few days I have mostly been working on coding UI/graphical effects for Without a Voice. There were some great new Ren'Py updates[1] that I wanted to try out and I've had a great time doing so. The thing is, I can stay awake almost indefinitely if I am actively problem-solving. If my brain is engaged. No caffeine necessary!

And programming is all about problem-solving. What configuration of classes and variables will get this text box transition to look the way I want? What order should these screen layers be in? Should this be 2 pixels to the left, or 2 pixels to the right? I have this personality quirk—both a strength and a flaw, depending—where I have to see things through to the end. I'm very bad at leaving things halfway done. It gnaws at me, makes it hard to sleep. So if there is a bug in something I'm coding, I will stay up until 6AM until it's fixed.

Sooo I've basically done that the last two days in a row. I feel tired in a way that's seeped into my very bones. But it's all worth it when I look at the final result. I'm super excited to eventually share WaV with everyone. I'm so proud of the writing and coding I've been doing for it. It's such a little project and yet in some ways, it's my most ambitious yet.

I had another day out in a café today and worked on writing. It was...tricky doing a lot of writing again after so many hours purely coding. It took at least half an hour of frowning at my notebook and staring off into space before I could get my head in the game, but I ultimately like what I wrote a whole lot. I am really embracing the "toss out an entire draft if I don't like it and start over from the beginning" method. I wrote four different openings for the next Tremolo chapter. It was tedious. It was painful. But dang I like the fourth one I ended up with[2]. All those struggles always look nice at the end through rose-tinted glasses.

Afterwards, I had a little work date with a friend. We talked about the importance of self-promotion on social media in order to (hopefully) sell things and make a decent passive income. The more we talked about it, the more I kind of surprised myself with the realization of how analytical I've gotten with these things. I can't believe that social media is, like, a legit career path now. I can't believe how much promotion is necessary for people to even see your stuff with the way algorithms curate everyone's feeds now.


On a final note, please look at this beautiful basil-ricotta-honey-strawberry toast that the café gave me to try. I ate it very slowly and it boosted my writing for sure, though my blood sugar levels were also boosted, unfortunately.

  1. I'm working with the pre-released version 7.00! ↩︎

  2. Lately I've been wondering if I ought to include these discarded drafts' word counts in my spreadsheet. I mean they technically are not progressing a project, but they are words that I wrote! What a conundrum. ↩︎