I had a nice, low-stress day today. Except for the beginning of it, when I accidentally left my phone on silent so I slept longer than I wanted to. But the rest of the day was productive and fun.

I went back to the church café with a friend for a work day. I've more or less gotten used to switching gears between my three main writing projects, but it's still tricky remembering which tenses/POVs are used in each one. I always have to think for a minute to remember that Spirit Parade is in first person. I've been having an interesting time with my MerMay stories, too, since they have to be so short. I have stopped obsessing over their quality and instead try to view them as practice. In order to improve, I just have to keep writing, trying different techniques and character types and themes.


After I got my work done for the day, I sat outside in a rocking chair by the fountain[1] to read. It was relaxing and beautiful and I spent a nice couple of hours there. I've been reading Patricia Briggs' Alpha & Omega series and I kind of love it? A lot? I can't really explain why, but the worldbuilding really pulls you in and sometimes there's these passages that are so eloquent even in their simplicity.

It had been two hundred years since anyone had called him by that name, and the sound of it hurt his heart.

I cannot explain why that sentence affected me so much, but I highlighted it and I saved it away for myself to remember.

I FREAKIN LOVE ASIL... I'm suffering from side character syndrome. I do like the main couple, Charles and Anna, especially since it's refreshing to read about a romantic lead who's Native American. Still, I can't help wanting to know more about the background characters like Asil and Samuel and Sage. I get the feeling I would know more about them if I read her Mercy Thompson series, but that one doesn't seem to have the vibe I typically go for. I read some synopses and they really didn't do anything for me.

I don't particularly like stories about werewolves. I've always been a vampire person who grew up on Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and Anne Rice novels. Their patriarchal societies aren't exactly my favorite, either. But there's something about these books that's really fun. I like how respectfully Anna's PTSD and rape survivorship are handled. I kind of like the romantic fantasy of letting someone dominate you while knowing that they'll never actually hurt you[2].

I don't like to use the phrase "guilty pleasure" but I think these books really are for me. But they're entertaining and I deserve to be entertained from time to time, right? Don't we all?

  1. I feel like it's more...a very small, very shallow lake. But they call it a fountain. So I guess it's a fountain. ↩︎

  2. What can I say, I think I'm an M at heart. ↩︎