Earlier tonight I did some tarot readings on Twitter. It was a new experience for me. I've never done that many readings at once before, nor have I ever done readings for people I don't know before. Up until now I've only done readings for good friends. There was a very different vibe to this and I can only hope that my words were useful.

On some level, the advice was all pretty general. I do think that the mere presence of a card shows that it's something you should be attentive to, though. Like yes the reading I did on the Death card was like "new beginnings! let go of bad habits and toxic people!". But the fact that I pulled that particular card for that particular person means that—spirits willing—they needed to hear that right now. That's the interesting part of pulling cards.

There are only so many tarot cards. Each only has so many interpretations. But the timing is key. And if a specific card keeps coming back to you no matter how many times you shuffle, it's hard to feel like that's merely coincidence. That's the beauty of it.

Today I had to really fight to not eat these free Krispy Kreme donuts we got at work. The sad part is I never liked donuts or ice cream before I found out I was diabetic. Now that I'm not allowed to eat those things, I crave sweets like the Cookie Monster craves cookies. I held it in and my boyfriend treated me to Thai food for dinner. I suffered through that, too, because my silly, spicy-intolerent self could barely handle the level 2 spicy noodles[1].

(Photo by Liana Mikah)

Yesterday, my dad was telling us these Vietnamese folk tales. I'd already heard them all, but it was nice reconnecting with those stories. There's at least one where the punchline just doesn't work in English. What's interesting is how there are similar stories in Greek mythology, Japanese folk tales, etc. No matter where you are in the world, all humans are similar and come up with similar stories and explanations for natural phenomena. People never really change, no matter what era we're in. The words don't really change, either, even if their configurations look just a little different.

I hope that I can keep telling stories and using my own voice to do it.

  1. I have been eating spicy food all my life. Trust me, it's not for lack of trying! ↩︎