Today I quietly passed the halfway point for the writing of Shuye's route in Spirit Parade. I've been progressing pretty well on that front and I should be able to meet my goal for the month if I go on at this rate. I also reached the halfway point for my word count goal for the month. I wanted to have a stronger start this time around and I'm definitely doing that. I've so far written about 23,000 words this month[1] and at this time last month, I'd only written 16,000. My goal is higher this month compared to last because of the added MerMay stories, but May also has an extra day in it, so I think it'll all even out. Purely looking at percentages, I was at 41% at this time last month, but am sitting pretty at 51% now. I'm a whole 10% ahead!

I think this is the most regularly I've written in a very long time.


This was a typical month for me back when I was even more active on the visual novel scene. This was when I had basically no job and was able to just write whenever I wanted to. At the time, I professed that I wanted to be a writer full-time, but I often made excuses for myself and wasted a lot of time[2]. Now, I have a part-time job. I'm juggling multiple projects and personal obligations. Meanwhile, my average words written per day has gone up from about 400 words to about 1,400.

I don't think that numbers are all important. I am trying to believe that I have value even if I'm not productive. I take time to pamper myself and recover if I'm feeling sad. And yet ever since I let go of that feeling of desperation, the creativity started flowing better for me. Turns out crunch is really bad. Who knew?


Anyway, on a lighter note, I worked at a nice little café today and I've found a place that has the optimum table/chair set-up for me. I'm used to having to contort myself into a weird position to type. I often have to raise my arms up and it gets really hard on my back after a while. I've got the perfect desk/chair height at home, but most cafés I go to seem to be primed for people taller than me. Or longer-torso'ed than me. I only wish this place was closer to me! I was only there because I had to be in the area for something else, so I figured I'd stay there to write. It was a nice, comfortable time.

I do love my desk set-up at home. My ergonomic chair is the best. I only wish it wasn't so tempting to just dive into my soft bed and nap instead of work. I've seen rooms that have it so their bed lowers down from the wall but is effectively hidden during the day and I soooo want that when I have my own place. I'd love to have a bedroom that doubles as another room when you're not sleeping in it!

Well, onwards and upwards, I suppose. They scheduled me for four off days in a row this week at work and today was just the beginning. I'm going to see how many more of my sub-goals I can smash by the time the weekend rolls around!

  1. At least, it'll be 23k after I finish this blog post. ↩︎

  2. That one day I wrote 5,400 words was impressive, though, dang. I wish I had that much energy now! I'll try to beat that record sometime...! ↩︎