I had a nice productive day today. I spent some time jotting notes down on how many days/days off I have left this month and how many things I have left to write. I'm pretty confident that I'll finish my to-do list this month at this rate. I know I said that in yesterday's post, but now my confidence is backed up with data!

In the morning/early afternoon, I went to my favorite café and finished a big Shuye route scene and two MerMay stories. I used another fiction writer exercise that was sort of a monkey's paw thing. Give your character what they want, but have it not turn out the way they expect. I'd say my story definitely did that. The commentary on that exercise also really made me want to read Room by Emma Donoghue, but that's another matter entirely.

The Shuye route scene I finished was kind of a turning point for the route. It was emotionally draining to write, as a result, but I really am proud of how it turned out. It will, of course, need some edits, but I think the core of the scene is strong. I think that the supporting cast of a visual novel is extremely important. Just because you can't date them doesn't mean they don't affect the plot in a huge way! So I'm looking forward to seeing people's reactions to what happens on the route. Just a couple more scenes to go!

In the evening, I met with a friend and we had sort of a...writer date? We talked about writing and then swapped stories to read each other's work. He and I had been wanting to do this for ages, but it was only today (a year later!!) that we were able to make time for it. I had him play through Shadows and he gave me this mystery/thriller short story of his to read. It was really interesting for both of us because it was a fresh experience. My friend has a unique writing style and I don't think he's ever played a visual novel before. It was inspiring to read something so good—yet so different from my own work. We've made plans to read and critique each other's novels, too!

It's so important, I think, to have people who can help hold you accountable. Not to nag you to work, but to encourage you and remind you that someone cares whether you finish your project(s) or not. In the day-to-day grind, it's easy to feel like no one cares, that even if you dropped off the face of the earth, no one would notice[1]. In the last several weeks, as I've built a little group of people to report to, I've been writing more and more. Not only that, but I've felt better about it. I feel less alone, less like I'm the only one who suffers from the guilt-unproductivity cycle. It's real...!


And then in the late evening, I went to the theatre for a play. One of my good friends is the stage manager for this play and so our group of friends wanted to go out and support him. It was a grand old time and I'm feeling so motivated and creative after seeing all that creative energy and emotion on-stage.

(an Irresistable Mistakes meme my friend made)

There are so many different things that involve writing. In the aforementioned Irresistable Mistakes game, you work at an ad agency. I forwarded the game to one of my good friends who actually works in an ad agency and her reaction to it has been very interesting[2]. I never realized before what all copy writers do, so hearing her thoughts on that character—and the job of copy writers in general—was refreshing. Not all writing is games or novels. You're surrounded by so many words and writing on a day-to-day basis that you forget how much there is. I've been realizing that anew and appreciating the hard work writers the world over put in.

And nowwww it's Friday! I'm hoping to make further dents in my writing goals for the month. I hope you have a nice, productive weekend, as well.

  1. Creatively speaking. ↩︎

  2. Generally, she thinks it's actually pretty accurate to the setting. ↩︎