For some reason, Friday has been my least productive day of the year so far. Last night, my average words written on a Friday sat at almost exactly 600. I'm not really sure why. My boyfriend suggested that it's because we often have date night on Friday since he's off. However, we frequently hang out on Mondays, too, for the same reason. It's not that I'm distracted by the upcoming weekend. Since starting work, I work on the weekends so often that Fridays or Saturdays don't feel any different to me from other weekdays. Whatever the reason, I decided I wanted to smash that. Thus, one of my goals for today was to write enough that I would raise my average to a four digit number.

Sadly, I didn't quite get there. Today wasn't as productive as I'd liked because—as he astutely observed—my boyfriend and I hung out all day. I don't blame him, though! We had a day in and I'd told him to bring a book or something to do while I worked. He's a big reader and was more than happy to comply. But it was so horribly hot today that I really didn't want to do anything but nap[1]. Once evening rolled around, we ate dinner and then sat in a café for a bit. That's when I was finally productive and got a large scene done.

If this blog post hits the word count that I expect it to, I'll have brought up my average Friday word count to 900 words. I guess that's not too shabby. No, it's not too shabby! I actually used to block out date days as "no work days." ...And I wonder why my Fridays weren't productive. Anyway, Friday will then be tied with Tuesday's average of 900 words. I'll have next week to try again. It won't take that much to bring the average up just 100 words.

Shuye's route just has two more real scenes in it before it's just endings. Two more scenes until I've hit my goal for it for this month. I'm doing so well that it scares me. I need to stop listening for the sound of another shoe dropping.

(Photo by Karolina Szczur)

I try not to spend too much time poring over my spreadsheet because that's the very opposite of being productive, I know. But keeping it updated and looking at the data is motivating for me. I turn the data analysis into a kind of game. How can I raise my average? Why are Fridays my least productive days? Can I make today my most productive day ever? Because the data is so personal, it doesn't just feel like numbers on a screen. Those numbers mean something. They're the quantification of my life's work. It might not work for everyone, but I'm competitive by nature. If I can't fight against other people, I may as well fight myself.

On a final, sillier note, I finally got to play some Monster Prom with my friend the other day and my boyfriend today. I failed!! Miserably!! Both times!! Meanwhile, my friend and boyfriend who aren't as genre-savvy as me got their dates and beautiful endings. Every choice I thought would be the right one that my love interest of choice was looking for ended up backfiring in the worst ways. Gosh. I felt real silly. Then I wondered if it was intentionally designed that way. Then I decided to stop overthinking it so much and did better the third time around.

I never did go to a school dance, so it's been fun playing the game and living vicariously through the (monster) characters. I've never been to a dance, period, let alone prom. Though I actually did get permission from my parents to go to prom my senior year, it ended up being the same week as Academic Decathlon Nationals and I sure as hell was not going to skip that[2]. My lone experience dancing has been the one time I went clubbing at some college town dance club with two of my friends. I had a Bad Time and we left after like 20 minutes. I've never looked back. I regret nothing.

  1. I did manage to spend about an hour coding some UI accessibility stuff for Without a Voice, but that's small potatoes. ↩︎

  2. Partly because I'd been preparing 2 years for it and partly because Nationals was in Hawaii that year. ↩︎