This post is a teensy bit later than usual because I got distracted reading about the royal family of Monaco. Oof.

Late last night, well after I'd published my blog post, my friend Laiska introduced me to Bitsy. Bitsy is basically a game engine and editor tool that allows you to make little pixel games. There's restrictive palettes. You have to draw your own sprites and tiles and items. But there's also an emphasis on dialogue and narration. Every Bitsy game involves moving your avatar around to talk to people or witness things. To me, they're just another form of interactive fiction, just with a pixel face to it. I highly recommend you dive in and give it a whirl if you're at all interested. It's such a friendly tool!

Anyway, something about the engine pulled me in. I had to make something right away. So I stayed up a few hours and whipped up a game called For mother's day, I gave my mother a card. You can play it right in your browser and there's a descriptive transcript that goes along with it, too.

It's...kind of a memoir, one that focuses on one strong point in time. My newsletter subscribers might be familiar with the basis of the story because I talked about that card last week. Somehow, when I briefly considered what to make a game about, that card was still on my mind, so I decided to talk about it in a game. I've received a really nice response to my little game today. It's so personal, I was worried it wouldn't be relatable enough for people to really respond to. But the response just further shows how universal life is. Whenever you think you're the only one suffering from a particular problem, it always turns out that you're wrong. People have had dysfunctional relationships with their parents since ancient times.

It's the first time I've ever done a game completely on my own. I'm always saying I'm not an artist, I'm not artistic, but hey. I managed to make some tilesets that actually look like roses, thorns, and bricks. I'd call that a job well done.

Best part is, after I finished the game, I added the wordcount up and the script for the game pushed my Friday average to above 1,000, after all. Wahoo!


For lunch before work, I made myself a faux burger. It's a black bean patty[1] with whole-wheat toast, havarti cheese, mayonnaise, and lettuce. I had bought the patties back when I first got diagnosed with diabetes, but hadn't gotten around to using them yet. Since there wasn't really anything else to eat, I decided to cook them and wow! My sandwich turned out very delicious. They weren't all that expensive, either, so I may have to go back to Central Market and grab a few to keep for a rainy, lazy day.


All right, I've just now learned what the official definition of vaporwave music is and now I'm. I've...gotta go. I need time to contemplate the universe[2].

  1. It also had corn and rice in it. It doesn't in any way pass for being similar to beef, but it was so yummy! ↩︎

  2. Additionally, I had a rough night at work with a rude customer, so I think I just need to destress for a while. ↩︎