If my calculations are correct, this is my 50th post[1]. Gosh, I'm kind of... Amazed? I've stuck with this habit more than any other, really, and it's been such a fun ride so far. I've finally gone through my posts and "featured" ones that I think are my best. You can see them all if you go to the main page. I'm not entirely sure I like how it just lists them all in a row like that, but I've got no choice at the moment. I've been thinking about changing the layout or migrating to Wordpress. As much as I like the editor and overall look of a Ghost blog, it just doesn't have the functionality of Wordpress yet. At the moment, though, this is still a little blog with about 100 visitors a week, so I probably won't do anything drastic just yet.

Thanks to Adi giving me a good idea on the MerMay prompt I was stuck on, I think I'll be on track to finish those stories tonight. Then I will have hit all of my goals for May! And I'm off on the last day, wow... Just free to do whatever I want... I want to work even harder next month to give myself more buffer days at the end. Next month is going to be filled with writing endings, as that's all I've got left for both Without a Voice and Spirit Parade. I'm so excited about WaV that I will most likely start on those endings tomorrow, though. No rest for the wicked!


I had a lovely day today, minus the lack of sleep. Silly me was up too late last night (and the night before). I have a terrible habit of staying up particularly late on nights when I have to open the next morning. I'm not sure why I do it... But the combined lack of sleep from two days made work feel extra long. I got to spend time with my boyfriend after, though. We had some delicious food at a poke bowl place and then went shopping at a thrift store we both like. I got this really nice Kimchi & Blue dress that he bought for me. They're one of my favorite brands for dresses so it was a real steal to find it—in my favorite color and size, no less! It's super low cut, though, so I'm going to have to do something creative with a camisole.

We browsed Whole Earth Provision Co. after. I've always loved that place, they always have such an eclectic collection of books and handmade goods. They had these beautiful handcrafted bells that I featured as the cover image for this post! Walking around in there reminded me that I never did get to go forest hiking, though, and now in Texas temperatures are skyrocketing to 100+ degrees[2], so I don't think I'll be able to for a while. Maybe if I go super early in the morning...? Gah.

I hope you, too, have had a wonderful day. I hope you meet all your goals this month and face June with a full heart and ready spirit.

  1. This doesn't count my break posts. ↩︎

  2. That's 38-39C for all you metric folks. ↩︎