Today was a nice, relaxing day. I had Korean BBQ for lunch and then we loaded up on some snacks and things at the local H-mart. I spent some time playing two visual novels I'd been meaning to pick up for a while.


The first was called Us Lovely Corpses. It was a short game, but a powerful one. I love games that set a dark mood. The narration at the beginning had me hooked. I'm a huge fan of the unique art style and the more cohesive color palette. Pretty much everything is golden or red and it makes the scenes quite striking.

I was expecting the game to be scarier than it actually was, given that it's labeled as a horror game. Instead, it was a poignant commentary on mental illness and how loved ones can be double-edged swords when you're depressed. You know they love you and you love them, yet their presence sometimes serves to only hurt you. I didn't predict the twist at the end, but it made total sense. Highly, highly recommended!


On the other end of the spectrum is Infurubia! I'm a huge fan of Che's stuff so I'd been meaning to play it for a while, but it was only today that I was in the right mindset for it. Unfortunately, Infurubia's still in a demo state, but there's a lot of content even so. I adore the characters and the way that the game weaves together all these different stories happening at once. I adore Eidell and Alink together and I hope things go well for them. Of course, the main four are great, too! The relationship between Gamba and Chacal is quite nuanced, which I appreciate in portrayals of siblings in fiction.


I'm always impressed by the visual presentation of Che's games and this one is no exception. There's a lot of CGs, but I even love the sketches used for flashbacks. Those flashbacks have a different narration style, too, which makes the game always beautiful to look at. The UI is unique as usual and I particularly like how choices are presented. It makes them feel extra important.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the final game when it's released!!

In the evening, my boyfriend and I went around a Barnes & Noble and ended up picking up a few blind boxes. I adore the Mermicorno I got! I might have to go back for another one or two of those... It's nice when the designs are so good that there isn't a single one I'd be unhappy to get. That being said, I'd love it if I could get Coraline; she's soooo cute!!


I thought I'd committed to a life of relative minimalism when I Konmari'd my room and got rid of all my anime figures, but these give me such joy to look at... It's fine as long as they spark joy, right?