I've picked up BanG Dream! Girls Band Party again since my favorite group is featured in the latest event. I'd forgotten how tiring it is to rank. Even though I'm not aiming for a top ranking, I want to try to stay within the top 5,000. It's arbitrary, haha. I just want the little title and I want to put in an extra effort for my Pastel*Palettes girls. ...Even if they're totally not favoring me in the gacha right now.

I picked up a book about writing horror and another book about minimalism today just to flip through. I'm trying to be more discerning about books to stop myself from amassing a bunch of books that I won't read, but it's tricky...! We're allowed to check (used) books out at work, so I try to sit on a book for a few weeks to see if I really like it. I do the same thing with KickStarter and forcing myself to "save" a project instead of pledging immediately[1]. It's hard, though. I want to read all the things...! We only have so much time.

I worked all day and I'm going to spend the rest of the next several hours coding, so I will cut this entry a little short for today. I'm off the next three days, though, so I'm sure I'll have something a little more interesting to talk about then.

  1. I think I've pledged to almost 200 projects on KS, something silly like that. I have almost no impulse control. ↩︎