Today, I finished the first draft of the script for Without a Voice!! It came out to about 16,000 words. It feels like so much more, but I've deleted and written so much of it that I'm sure the total amount I've written for it is closer to 30,000 words. But it's finally here and I love what I've written! I tend to not be as enthusiastic about good endings, but even those were gratifying for me to write.

I intend to edit the script as I code in the sprites and animations and things. Then, once that's done, Laiska will be going over it with their professional eye. We just opened applications for beta testing today, too. So all this combined should make for a pretty polished game once it's done. At this point, most of the art assets are complete. It's mostly little adjustments that need to be done, some stretch CGs/sprites that would be nice to have... That sort of thing. I'm so excited to finally share the game with everyone.

It's some of the strongest writing I've ever done and I got to do a distinctive voice. The writing is supposed to be very sarcastic fairytale narrator-like, which suits the story and the aesthetic. I've never written in that particular style before, so it was a challenge, but a lot of fun.

Today also marks the 10th anniversary of Rejet, which is my favorite Japanese otome game company. I haven't been as active in the fandom, nor have I been playing a whole lot of games recently, but they've always got a soft spot in my heart.


They released a trailer for yet another Diabolik Lovers CD series and the guys all got updated with older (?) looking designs, which led to my fellow Rejet fans having a complete meltdown. I was not except from this, of course.

No matter how much I might try to get away from Diabolik Lovers or think that I've moved on, something will always bring me back to it sooner or later. So at the same time that I cry "Why won't they stop making Dialovers things and make something new!?" I'm supporting that decision by being pulled in over and over. Ah, sweet misery.

I finally started listening to my Sense and Sensibility audiobook again while I was out jogging today. It's been on hold for like two months. I don't think I've ever actually read the book, only watched the movie dozens of times. There's a lot of things that they cut out for the film (of course) and I haven't gotten around to watching any BBC mini-series for S&S yet, so it's been an...ear-opening(?!) experience listening to it. There's so many characters! It's amazing that Austen could juggle them all. Granted, not every character is developed as fully as the main two pairs, but I feel like Austen did a good job giving closure about everyone. You're never left wondering "What happened to so-and-so?" which is a feat.

I'm finally meeting with my D&D group tomorrow for the first time in a couple of months. I probably won't be too productive tomorrow on the writing side of things, but after writing almost 10,000 words in two days, I'd say I deserve a rest. Besides, coding is just as important. Can't have a game if I don't code everything in properly! Even so, I can tell that this is the beginning of a wonderful week. A wonderfully productive week...