Here is a short post for today. We were slammed at work and I'm super tired. I did get to train the new hire, though! That's usually reserved for the shift leaders so it was interesting and fun getting to do that.

My mind was on the Without a Voice beta test, though. We started accepting applications and we're doing a soft test run right now with some friends. There's still some kinks I need to work out with the points system for sure. It's hard trying to make the game balanced when it's so short! You can't exactly just have choices left and right, so there needs to be nuance while still communicating clearly to the player what they should be doing to progress the story in the way that they want.

That being said, it's much harder in this game to get good endings than in other games I've worked on thus far. And that is definitely intentional. I'd say overall that WaV is a tragic story. So there are happy endings, but the player will have to work for them. They're going against fate, after all!

Oh yeah in Zumba this morning there was a K-pop song that came on and it was the first time I danced/did Zumba to a K-Pop song. I'm a pretty casual fan of K-pop so I wasn't familiar with the song, but I remember thinking to myself "I have a feeling this is a BTS song..." And just now I looked it up and LO AND BEHOLD[1]... The only thing I remembered was they repeated the word "fire" a lot so I'm glad it was easy enough to look up just with that information. It makes me happy that even things like Zumba are branching out more. It makes for a more beautiful, diverse world.

  1. Though we danced to a heavy remix of it. ↩︎