Oh man, a lot is going on in my life right now.

So. Work. Our assistant manager left the company for a more corporate marketing position elsewhere because they pay twice as much. And now our manager has been promoted to assistant district manager, so he's leaving us, too. There's about to be a huge shake-up and I just hope everything is all right when the dust settles. I'm happy for both of them, of course, it's just...well, change is hard. And scary.

Tonight we had two people call in so I decided to stay an extra two and a half hours to help them out (otherwise they would've been closing with like 3 people). It was nice spending time with people I enjoy hanging out with anyway, but gosh I was itching to go home, haha.

The new Tremolo chapter was posted today! I'm glad I was able to finish it early and let my boyfriend have a look at it and edit it. He made some really good suggestions about phrasing and I feel like, overall, my prose is much stronger once (a qualified) someone else has had a look at it. I'm excited to have Laiska comb through the Without a Voice script for that reason.

I'm now extra glad that I set my monthly word count goal lower this month because I am spending a LOT of time coding. I really hope to be able to get WaV released soon. I'm anxious to see people's responses since it's...well, such a self-indulgent game. The entire thing has been a huge labor of love. I adore the characters and I put a lot of heart into the story. Adi has been doing such an incredible job with the art and I'm so proud of what we're putting together. It's been a long time coming, but it's almost ready.

Pastel Jam is this weekend and I've been thinking of doing something very small and self-care-ish for it. Only if I'm not totally burnt out, though. I do have to work all weekend. I'm having a day to relax tomorrow, though. Kiki and I are going to the Korean spa...!! I'm super excited. I haven't been in ages and he's never been before[1].

I really need to relax a little bit. I've been getting stressed out by work and my skin conditions... I've found out that diabetics are more susceptible to certain skin conditions!! We are also more attractive to mosquitos and fleas. I was already attractive to mosquitos to the point where if I am around, nobody else will get bitten. This just amps it up even more. Mosquitos have been trying to attack me through my thick blanket. The bits turn into little skin lesions that last for several days. This is going to be a long summer...

There was the hint of rain earlier in the evening, but it stopped and just thundered loudly for a while. We really need the rain, though, so I hope the sky changes its mind and lets the rain come down after all.

  1. Though, I mean, he is Japanese and I'm sure an onsen is much fancier of an experience, but hey!! ↩︎