It's been such a rough week that even though I'd originally planned to get more work done today, I decided to toss it all out and focus on relaxation. I'm ahead on my goals for the month, anyway, sitting at about 40% just a week in! I'm 5 days ahead of where I was at this time last month. So there's no need to rush when the rest of my life is stressing me out so much.

My boyfriend and I went on our long-awaited outing to Spa Castle[1] today. He has long been averse to swimming because of a bad experience as a kid. I really love swimming and the water, so I always thought that was a shame. I've been gently nudging him to take baby steps towards going swimming and he finally agreed to go to Spa Castle with me. He even agreed to go into the pools and we stopped by Target to pick up swimming trunks for him before going. I was worried about how he'd react, but it ended up being great! We swam a bunch! He was a good sport and open to all the unknown things. He'd never been in a sauna before, either, but we even went into the hottest (187F) one!

At the end when we were eating dinner, he said he'd still had some apprehensions about going, but went because I wanted to go. But then he ended up really enjoying himself so he's glad we went. And he said it'd be nice to go back again sometime. It made me super happy. I'm so proud of him for going outside his comfort zone and trying so many new things.

We ate very well today! Had conveyor belt sushi for lunch and then yummy Korean food for dinner, with an interlude to have a huge Korean-style shaved ice bowl for midday post-sauna dessert. Today is one of my cheat days, so I'll better tomorrow...

The more I say "no" now to things like sharing a friend's cheese danish or adding boba to a drink, the more I realize just how much sugar I used to ingest when I said all the time "I don't like sweets." Oh yeah I didn't like sweets, but had sweet tea, boba in my drinks, tons of sugar in my coffee, loads of fruit, cheese danishes and creamy flan... My new phrase I say a lot nowadays is "this is why I'm diabetic" because it's so true! I'm paying for years of neglecting my diet and health.

It's been a rough week for most everyone, it seems. I'm afraid to wake up tomorrow to find out another beloved celebrity has died. I'm afraid to go to work and see the mountains of work awaiting me. But I'm glad that I got to relax today and recover from the trials of life earlier in the week. I hope that you're able to find some relaxation somewhere, even if you have to carve out that little speck of time for yourself.

  1. It's a large Korean spa. There's gender-separated hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas, etc. Watch this and you'll get the idea. ↩︎