We had another wild and silly night playing D&D again today.


I used up all of Nocturne's spell slots on ill-timed disguises. She and Avalon, our resident druid, snuck into the bandits' lair. Avalon turned herself into a chipmunk to do some reconnaissance, which was very interesting. The mental image of a chipmunk sneaking into a tent and flipping through logbooks was just too much. Meanwhile, Nocturne was causing a distraction by pretending to have stomach issues (while in disguise as the sentry boy).

In the end, despite our efforts at subterfuge, we had a big battle.

To backtrack a little, our characters are basically mercenaries working for the Bank of Lockhaven. Lockhaven is a town famous for this bank, said to be the most secure place in the world. However, they have had some issues with security lately and some things were stolen—only to mysteriously reappear in random places. It's our job to track down these things and help the bank restore their public image.

On a side note, Nocturne (and I believe two of the other characters in the party) are working for a company that buys the rights to adventurers' stories. So once we've adventured enough, they will be able to take our accounts of our travels and turn them into books to sell... I assume. We haven't actually dealt much with that company yet. We're currently just on a series of quests for the Bank of Lockhaven with the current quest being the third one so far.

The item we have been trying to track down is a special magical mask that was created by a ghost. Even in life, she was not able to emote very much, so she created these masks that help channel the emotion into her. Yet her mask of anger was so scary even to her that she locked it in her personal vault at the Lockhaven bank. It was, unfortunately, stolen and we chased a lead about "a group of bandits who don't usually kill—only this time they did!"

Turns out we were right to assume the mask was involved, but it came up rather unexpectedly. The whole time Avalon and Nocturne were sneaking around the bandits' hideout, it turns out the sentry[1] had it. The sentry was a 15-year-old chuunibyou boy who called himself Heaven's Catastrophe and unknowingly channeled the power of the mask through his drum. The mask was inside the drum the whole time! At one point (I think I covered this in my last D&D post) Nocturne actually threw his drum into the woods and even today, one of the other characters tried and failed to examine it. We were so close to it the whole time!

The battle got pretty intense since most of the party was in berserker mode a lot of the time because of the drum, but all's well that ends well? I'm excited to see what happens next time. I knew that using up Nocturne's spell slots by casting Disguise Self over and over would come to bite me later and it did...! The berserker effects of the drum made it impossible for her to cast magic that wasn't directly damage-inducing, which is unfortunately since most of Nocturne's spells are more... Well, they're things that charm or control people. So all she could do was try to hit the sentry kid and/or the drum with the blunt edge of her rapier to try and put an end to the fight.

I feel that my character's really developing as an act-first-think-later kind of idiot with delusions of grandeur. Who's obsessed with music. Sometimes it's all too easy to fall into the role, haha. It's fun getting to play someone who can cause hallucinations with her lute or play a sad ballad on the lyre that'll charm an audience[2]. As a group I feel that we're all coming into our own more and really progressing the story, which makes the game super fun.

  1. Whom Nocturne spent a lot of time in disguise as... ↩︎

  2. Only to choke in combat. Hah. ↩︎