As a way to unwind over the last few days, I've been reading a bunch of manga. Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai and Raise wa Tanin ga Ii are the two that most attracted my attention. I just love sociopathic love interests, aha. They're both relatively new manga, too. I was able to buy the first volume of Hananoi-kun through my local Kinokuniya. If you order books and have them shipped to the store to be picked up, you don't have to pay shipping! I'm totally taking advantage of that to buy more Japanese manga. They're so much cheaper and lighter than the localized English works, plus it forces me to practice my Japanese. This weekend, Kinokuniya's doing a special 20% off sale for members so I'm sure I'll be loading up on stuff.

The reason why today's post is titled "butlers" is because I read an editorial talking about manga with butlers in it and so I ended up reading a bunch of those. They all more or less followed the same patterns and I'd be hesitant to really recommend them to anybody, but they made for a nice, light read. They're not really my thing.

I enjoy reading trashy manga about terrible dudes terrorizing the women they love because it's interesting. I majored in psychology so part of it, I think, is that I like overanalyzing these characters and trying to understand how they think. I don't romanticize them, nor would I ever want to date anyone like them. I don't fantasize about being tortured by a sadist. It's just purely fascinating to me as a person on the outside looking in. I'm much less interested in cute, fluffy stories. When I play otome games, I will skip or leave for last those nice guys' routes.

This is especially true now; why do I need to read about nice guys as an escape when I'm dating someone who's so kind and supportive? A sociopathic yandere, however, I will (probably) never meet in real life. So I enjoy reading about them. I enjoy writing about them.

On a completely unrelated note[1], the new Without a Voice demo is coming out tomorrow! I'm so excited to get some feedback on it. There's just a little bit of extra polish I've got to work on tonight before it's ready for release tomorrow, which I will get to once this post is done.

This week has been one with lots of little twists and turns. I'll be glad when work calms down again[2] and I am out of this "coding coding nothing but coding" hole. Bring on the weekend!

  1. :'D ↩︎

  2. My store is completely devoid of upper management right now due to our manager and assistant manager leaving at about the same time. It's...been wild. ↩︎