I just finished watching The Greatest Showman with my family. I've been listening to the soundtrack for a while, but it was great to finally watch the movie that the songs were from. It was definitely a spectacle!

I think that there was a little too much going on. I would've loved to see more of the "oddities", honestly. The main story of Barnum and his wife wasn't anything special. It's been done before—and better. Instead, it would've been great to focus more on Lettie, even Carlyle and Anne... They were a joy to watch and the songs "This is Me" and "Rewrite the Stars" are definitely my favorite. I love Hugh Jackman and I think he did fine as P.T. Barnum, but I was hoping that he'd take a backseat to everyone else. I feel like it ended up being a film where the diverse cast was used as a backdrop for more white manpain, you know? It was still a great little movie, but it could have been so much more.

Though there was this moment in the film... After Phillip's parents reprimand him for being in a relationship with Anne and she runs off and they have that whole song about how they want to be together (while Anne says they can't), my dad asked "What's the problem? She looks pretty normal..." and I said flatly "She's black. It wasn't all that long ago in this country that interracial relationships were actually illegal." He got quietly thoughtful after that. It's so easy to distance ourselves from "history" because it feels like it was so long ago. But when I think about how much people of color—especially black people—have suffered, it's terrifying. These days, the news depresses me so much. I was tearing up earlier today when my co-workers and I were discussing what's been going on with ICE. I cannot believe that this is the time and place we're living in[1].

After a tiring day at work and a disappointing reality, it was nice getting to watch that movie and relax some. Yes, the movie didn't reinvent the wheel[2] or anything, but it was a nice escape from reality for a bit. I actually got to see the Barnum & Bailey circus when I was a kid. I don't remember a while lot about it, but I remember being enthralled. I think there's still a photo of me and my cousins there somewhere. I got to see the Ringling Mansion/museum when I was in Florida, too. So it was neat getting to see the history of all that now, as an adult.

Anyway, we've got some extra overtime hours available at work that we can take this week, too, but I'm not sure if I will again... On the other hand, I need money. I probably will go for it. It's a rough life. The fact that I can even be hesitating about this means that I've got it good, though. I recognize that.

You know what I definitely don't need? I don't need this new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. And by that I mean I really really want it. I wish good make-up wasn't so expensive. I just can't justify dropping that kind of money on make-up I don't need. Hmm, if I worked those overtime hours, I would have enough money to get it...

Ahhh, no. Bad Lore.

Though I did go and buy mosquito repellent spray, so at least I'll be safe from the mosquitoes that have been haunting my room. I'm tired of all these red welts all over my limbs. I was going to try to tough it out for a little while longer, but I got bitten while staying indoors at work, so after I got out I went to CVS and picked some up. No more sweet diabetic blood buffet, sorry.

Tomorrow is a long-awaited day off! I've got to work on the new Tremolo chapter. The pace has been picking up so I'm excited to keep it going, but I have to admit that the bi-weekly schedule is throwing me off. I'm ready for work to slow down so I can get back to doing everything else I want to do.

  1. If it's bothering you as much as it is me, here is a great list of resources for what you can do to help. I sadly don't have much time to give, but I donated what money I could... Every bit helps. It makes me so happy to see the goals inching closer. ↩︎

  2. I know I'm using it—mainly so I could write this footnote—but I've never really liked this phrase. What the heck would re-inventing the wheel even entail? What does "re-invent" really mean? It's already been invented! I know they mean "innovate" but "re-invent" is such a weird word. ↩︎