I'm so nervous-excited about what I'm working on right now. I'm writing something I never have before in a format I'm not used to and it's so much fun and I'm so excited, but it's also terrifying. Like I'm standing on a precipice about to dive off, but I'm still too busy looking down to jump.

I had a delicious quick lunch today and picked up my copy of the first volume of Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai from Kinokuniya. I love that I can order books to be shipped to the store for pick-up and not have to pay shipping. So much more books and manga are available to me now with this!

I also applied for a library card at my local library. I had one as a kid but I think it was deleted due to inactivity so I'm going to go tomorrow to pick up a new library card, which is exciting. I'll be able to use the wi-fi there! So I'll probably go to the library more often to work. There's one really close to my house[1] and I don't have to feel pressured to buy a drink like I do when I go to a cafe. I'm hoping to finish this Thing I'm Writing tomorrow, then I can return my focus to Tremolo.

I've still been addicted to the Greatest Showman soundtrack. That being said, Panic! at the Disco released a new album and the lead single is pretty good.

We are still doing inventory at work and I had to scan so many bibles today, I will be happy if I don't see another bible again for at least another month or two.

I did skip one day of daily pages but I've been doing well otherwise! It's too soon to say if it's really life-changing, but I find that it does help my overall mood to get all my insecurities and worries onto the page and out of my head.

Courier New is a font that takes up a lot of space. Only eight words per line!? Yeesh.

My friend whom I'm hate-reading The Glass Throne with is catching up to me and her live commentary on particularly eyeroll-worthy lines is giving me life.

I'm having coffee tomorrow with two of my good friends.

There is so much in my life to be grateful for. Things might have their ups and downs, but I am happy. I am generally content. Life is pretty good.

  1. You might be asking "If you had a library so close to you, why not go there sooner?" Well, a long time ago I racked up like a $34 fine that got sent to collections and little kid Lore was too terrified that she'd get arrested if she set foot in that library again. Hilariously, I have not been back for 10+ years. ↩︎