This has been altogether a very strange month.

Today I finished and sent in this thing I had to write for the job opportunity I mentioned previously. Basically, I passed their preliminary check of my portfolio/resume so I was asked to write a thing for them to evaluate[1]. It was a lot of fun to write and I stretched my creativity farther than I ever have before. The piece definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but I'm proud of it.

It did, however, take up a lot of my time the last few days and so Tremolo is going to be pushed back a bit again. I can't really complain, as if I get this job, it will be the biggest achievement of my life so far. That aside, I'm back to being properly part-time this week at my day job, so I'll have lots of time to recharge, work on Tremolo, and see if I can make a dent in my June goals. They're not looking great so far.

The weird thing is that I've still been very productive this month. It's just that all my productivity has been going into places I didn't expect. The alpha testing of Without a Voice took longer than planned because there were a lot of gameplay issues I had to address. When you develop a game, the gameplay seems super obvious to you. It's not so obvious to people who aren't mind-readers, however. So there were many adjustments I had to make to the points system to make all the endings trigger as I planned. It was worth doing and I'm extremely pleased with the changes that were made, but it meant that my writing had to take a backseat.

So I had less time due to the hectic overtime at my day job, then what free time I had got eaten up by coding. I'm still behind on the WaV sprite directing! I'm almost done with day 5, but there's still several scenes left for me to do! I'd really expected beta testing to start by now, but it looks like I'll have to shoot for closer to the end of the month. There's no need for me to hurry when we're aiming for an early fall release, but I don't like to drag my feet on things.

Even if the reasons for these setbacks were out of my control, it's still pretty frustrating. That's just life, though, I guess. I can't control those things, so I just have to do my best to react to them and continue progressing towards finishing my goals.


I spent a few hours hanging out with my brother and cousins today playing the new Mario Tennis Aces game. It's fun but the learning curve was a bit steep. I don't remember having to remember so many different buttons in the old game! It really feels more like a fighting game disguised as tennis. Still, it was a lot of fun once I found my niche. Turns out I really like the Power characters like Bowser and Spike, though their trick shots are—haha—tricky to time.

I hope you've had a great weekend! I'm going to dig deep and try to get more of my goals checked off this week if I can, but June is looking to be a little tight... Still, I'll do my best!

  1. I'm not sure how vague I should be about all this but case... I'll speak in very general terms. ↩︎