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Tonight was D&D night with my friends and fellow vault-protectors. It was much more narrative tonight, no big battle or anything. We all leveled up to level 4 so Nocturne gained the Actor feat and is even better at disguises and stuff now. There was a culmination of the plot and we now believe that a divine being may be responsible for the strange things going on. Possibly the god of chaos acting through a person they've possessed? Still unsure.

One of the silly shenanigans that happened was that my character essentially held a karaoke contest amongst the group. Nocturne gets to stay at the inn for free so long as she performs every night[1] so the contest was to see who in the group would get to stay in her room and avoid paying 2 gold for their own. The winner was surprising: a Dragonborn teammate named Willa who performed D-rap or "draconian rap", complete with beatboxing.

I'm confused and disturbed...but I think I liked it.

One of the more serious things we did was help out a woman we knew[2] who got a bunch of bad press and angry people showing up at her door. She was in charge of the DeGaunt cemetary and orchard. Those two places are next to each other. Shockingly, it turns out she'd necromanced some zombies from the graveyard to press the apples into the very popular cider she was selling. My character, a Tiefling, wasn't particularly perturbed by the whole zombie thing anyway, and the group helped her escape the mob and start on her journey to self-exile somewhere far away. At one point, both Nocturne and Rowan—a mage teammate—both cast Mage Hand and we were trying to coordinate both our spectral hands to cooperate on a task together, but we failed our rolls pretty badly. Still made for a great mental image, though!

I'm super curious to see where this plot leads us. I doubt the entire campaign will center on the Vaults of Lockhaven, given that the overarching story seemed bigger than that... We'll have to see how it goes! But it was a fun night with delicious food and good company as usual, so I'm looking forward to next week.

  1. She's a pretty well-known and talented bard. ↩︎

  2. We'd previously helped her get back a special black dress she'd lost. Turns out it's an ancestral funeral shroud or something. ↩︎