I ate well today. I had a burger for lunch and pho for dinner. I did not finish the burger, which I ordered from a place close to the store I work at. We even get a block neighbors discount. In the past, I would force myself to finish food no matter how full I was. A lot of the food I like to eat isn't good when you take it home. A burger...well, once the juices have soaked into the bun, it's just not great. My hats off to anyone who actually takes burger leftovers home. Today, I ate about half the burger and left the rest. My stomach thanked me for it. Nutrition is important, but your intake has to be balanced.

This goes for a lot of things in life. I do like interacting with people, going out and being social. But all my social interactions wear down my inner battery. The time I spend with others and the time I spend alone needs to be balanced or I get very uncomfy.

I found out yesterday that my chronotype is the "lion" type. It explains soooo much about the way I live my life, the way my body operates best. For a while I thought I was a bear, but the more I read up on it (a copy of the book was circulated at work) the more I realized that wasn't me. Bears like to sleep in, they take naps and are best at night. That's not really true for me. I don't mind waking up early, often wake up before my alarm, and I feel that sleep is a huge waste of time. If it was possible to not sleep and still be sane, I would totally do it. So...a lion. They wake up early, but get a bout of tiredness around mid-day. I feel like I'm at my best between 10AM - noon. Earlier than that and I'm awake but not fully capable, and by 6PM or so I'm not my sharpest anymore. I want to start waking up at a more regular time and life in a way that honors my inner rhythm more[1].

I finally bought and took home the copy of Catherynne M. Valente's Six-Gun Snow White that I'd had sent for me specifically at work and I'm so excited to read it. It's such a fascinating take on the tale. I have a soft spot for Snow White; I dressed up as her for Halloween when I was little.

I raised my goal for number of books I want to have read by the end of this year. I'm reading so much this year compared to previous years! I used to be such a bookworm as a kid, I'd be blazing through multiple books a day. Nowadays it's hard just to commit to one a week. When you have so much on your plate, it's hard to tell yourself "I'm not going to work on this manuscript, I should relax and read a novel instead". But it's another thing that needs to be balanced for your happiness.

Creativity isn't finite. It has to be recharged and balanced with the rest of my life. I can't be creative if I never take the time to read other people's work or experience life. So I need to get better about not feeling guilty about doing things for myself, doing things that are for my own health. I hope that you can take the time you need to think about that and let go of that guilt, too. We all deserve to feel happy and loved in our own skin and in our own minds.

  1. The chronotype stuff is pretty fascinating. Here's a quiz if you're curious! ↩︎