The biggest part of my day today was helping my good friend Noosey move! I borrowed my parents' van and together we moved his desk, bookshelf, mattress, and various other sundries. We could not get the bed frame to fit so he'll have to figure something out with that, but we brought nearly everything else. I'm excited to see what his new place is going to be like once it's fully furnished and organized.

It's making me itch for a place all my own... Since I'm living with my parents again, it's a little tricky inviting people over. It's not exactly my space, so I still have to get permission and/or worry about when my parents are going to just walk in and be awkward. I'm not ready or prepared enough to go yet, so for now I just bookmark pages in these interior design books I have and stare at them longingly.

We have a New Moon solar eclipse tomorrow. It's a time for reflection, I think. I haven't done my daily pages in a while now so I might pick up my pen again tomorrow morning and reflect on what's been going on in my life. It's been hectic and stressful, but I'm almost at the other side of it. I'll hang in there.

Tomorrow, Kiki and I are going to the Sweet Tooth Hotel[1], which I've really wanted to visit for a while. Tickets sold out fast a while back, but luckily they opened up some more slots due to demand. I hope they didn't overbook the slots or anything... I remember there being several tickets for the time we booked. Do we all go in at once? Hmm... I guess going in with a larger group is better than not being able to go at all. I'm super excited to explore and take pictures and stuff. It'll be good to get some quality time with my SO after spending so much time with my family, haha. I'm a little burnt out.

I'm about to get to my favorite part of Sense and Sensibility where we get to see Willoughby grovel. That moment when the wrong-doer finally realizes what they've done, when they come to understand what they've lost and will never again be able to have... I live for that moment of realization. It's cathartic for me. I've been stepped on all my life (in varying degrees) by people who will never feel remorse, nor admit to any wrongdoing. So when I see someone—even a fictional character—feeling immense, heartrending remorse, it feels great to me. I can't say that I feel happy that they're suffering exactly, just happy that they're getting their comeuppance. That they come to understand that they were wrong. I'm not terribly concerned with whether or not they are able to redeem themselves after that point, but if it's done realistically and mindfully, it's all right.

Halfway through the week! Let's make it through to the weekend. Of course, I'm off the next two days and have to work over the weekend, but I'm still excited for the eclipse and everything.

  1. Despite the name, it's a pop-up art exhibition. No real sweets are involved. (hooray?) ↩︎