So yesterday two things happened. Or rather, two things did not happen. The first thing was that for the first time since starting my daily blog in April, I missed an entry. Up until yesterday, even when I was tired and knew I'd miss a day, I at least posted to inform everyone of my taking a break. But last night I just passed out and completely forgot about it until the morning. As a result of that, the second thing: I wrote 0 words yesterday. That has not happened since April 6th.

I was worried that this would start a downward spiral, a feeling of such guilt and despair that I'd avoid my blog for days. But no, tonight at 11PM, I got the usual urge to start writing and so here I am. I had built up the habit of daily blogging through 89 posts. It wasn't going to get destroyed by one missed day. I feel strangely at peace.

But yes, I'm sorry to have missed a day and I am back now. My relatives have finally all left my house and my life will get back to normal, albeit a week later than I'd planned.

I am tired. I have not been able to recuperate from having dozens of people occupy my house and space, sleeping on the floor like sardines with my cousins, going out every night and enduring family drama. So I may miss another post or two this month on days I just feel like a string pulled to the almost-snapping point. But I'll try my best not to.

I have not yet heard back about the writing test I did almost a month ago now. I have since heard that this particular company can be very slow with hiring so while I'm still anxious about it, I'm trying to let it go while I get back to working on other things.

I have been playing OCTOPATH TRAVELER and am having a great time with it. I honestly was not very excited about it hearing my brother talk about it over the last year or so, but playing the game is very different from hearing about it. I'm glad I avoided spoilers and didn't read up on the game too much because it's making it a fun, fresh experience. I miss the days of great RPGs like this! I do wish there was more interactivity between the eight characters, but it's a minor complaint. It's making me want to dig up Star Ocean 2 and play it again. I'm loving the pixel graphics with the 3D effects. A very interesting contrast. I started out with Cyrus and so far I've picked up H'aannit and Ophilia, and am about to finish recruiting Tressa[1].

I also read through ths Tearling trilogy by Erika Johansen over the last few days. By that I mean I binge-read it because I got hooked after reading the first few chapters of book one, Queen of the Tearling while I waited for my cousin. It was really really good—easily one of my favorite fantasy book series—until...that horrible ending. Bleh. I haven't had such a visceral reaction to a series ending in a long time. I've had good luck in liking what I read or at least realizing it'd end poorly and cutting out early, but this ended my streak. The series is written so well, though, I'm willing to re-read the first two books over and over while just pretending that book three doesn't exist. Hey, whatever gets me through my day, right?

It's going to be super busy at work tomorrow, as it's the last day of a big sale and Sunday's usually our busiest day of the week anyway. But I'll hang in there! I hope you've been having a great weekend. We'll get through it together.

  1. I totally did not mean for Cyrus to be amassing this harem of women but that's just what ended up happening. ↩︎