So a couple of weeks ago I tweeted half-seriously:


It was almost alarming how positive everyone responded to it, so I've actually been thinking on it... I have an idea for a (relatively) positive, relaxing story about (mostly) cat people living their day-to-day lives. I need to flesh some details out first but I think I'm going to do it! ExPsyle has been posting up some very inspiring ambient music that I want to use for this. So I'm working on that, letting the ideas bounce around in my head. But I want to have...cute frog people and whatnot, too, not just cats... Blobby, cutesy things that are easy for me to draw...

I have another idea bouncing around in my head for a high fantasy kind of novel. I've been reading stories all my life about the idealistic rebels versus the evil corrupt monarchy empire, but the stories always end after the final battle. What happens after? Does idealism really translate to a happy ending and good government? I wonder. So I had an idea for a story that takes place just after "the epic final battle", so to speak. The heroes have to put their ideals into practice and see how hard it is to make everyone happy. I've got to think on this for a long while, too.

It's fun just thinking up new ideas, letting them rattle around in my headspace until they can become something more solid. I've still got lots to work on for Spirit Parade and the last bits of Without a Voice to code, so it may be some time before I can commit myself to a real new project. Still, the brainstorming phase is so much fun.

My copy of Spinning Silver should be arriving Thursday. Stupid me specified "no rush shipping" on my pre-order. I've had to stare at the book in our "new bestsellers" section at work, knowing I wouldn't get my copy for another week. Gah! I want to be patient, but I want to read that book so badly... I've settled, in the meantime, for re-reading Uprooted. It's still as good as I remember. I really want to improve my own prose writing to be more descriptive again. I've been getting better at it while writing Tremolo, but I find that I'm still leaning heavily on dialogue.

I've got the next three days off so I'm finally going to be able to recharge my social niceties battery and spend my time doing creative work again. I miss writing, I miss having time to myself and not being judged by nosey relatives. It's been two very long weeks.

May this new week be great for us all!