This is my 100th blog post. I should have reached this milestone a few weeks ago, but I required some soul-searching and that kept me away for a while. Anyway, I'm happy to be at this point now. 100 posts is nothing to shake a stick at[1].


This morning I spent a couple hours at my favorite local café working through the next chapter of my TExES study guide. I planned to finish this chapter today, but it proved a more daunting task than I bargained for. This chapter is 3x as long as the previous one. I did manage it (after about 5 hours total), but I left and studied the last hour at the library.

Today's chapter covered a large chunk of Algebra, both I and II. Algebra is generally something I enjoy, as far as math goes, but I'm terrible at graphing and there was a lot of graphing. Blegh. At least the exam's multiple choice. There was also some shape visualization, like "how many rhombuses fit in this hexagon?" I think I'll be good at teaching this especially to kids like me who struggle with visualizing things like that.


I also reunited with my old buddy, the quadratic formula[2]!! And re-taught myself factoring and radical simplification. Blegh. I was feeling rather burnt out when it came time for a break and I saw a super nice message from a friend. That boosted me up enough to finish the chapter. I actually did most of the practice problems ok, it's more that I'm worried about remembering all those formulas. I'll feel better once I see what my formula sheet (given during the test) looks like.

I took a nap after lunch and my boyfriend told me that at one point I actually woke up briefly and recited the quadratic formula before dozing off again. At least my brain's processing the information, I guess.

Recently I've finally started my lifelong dream of turning into a mystical plant woman, starting with the kokedama I mentioned recently. I have a Pilea peperomioides growing now, too, in a cute little earthenware pot. I've heard these grow pretty fast, but it's growing rather horizontally at the moment, which makes it hard to place. I don't want to overdo it with the plants yet (just thinking about moving a bunch of potted plants...yikes) but I'm just so excited. I'd really like to carve out time for my hobbies as much as I can. Just watering the plants and watching them grow has been so therapeutic. I'm so impatient that I started playing Viridi again so I can at least grow virtual plants. It's sort of like design practice for when I have my own garden of succulents, too.

I feel my life slowly aligning with the way I want it to be. It turns out you can have your cake and eat it, too. ...Bad metaphor for diabetics, that, but the sentiment is sincere.

  1. Where does this phrase come from? ↩︎

  2. A wonderful person on Twitter pointed out that you can sing the formula to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel" and that's helped. ↩︎