I had a lovely day out today with friends.


One of the most important parts of any hangout is food, so it follows that we had a delicious brunch. We did have to brave the rain, but it was totally worth it. I only finished about half of my sandwich[1], but now I've got a nice bit for breakfast tomorrow.

After that, we went by a furniture store so my friend could pick out a couch for his new place. He ended up going with one he researched online, but ended up being able to snag free delivery plus he picked out what TV he wanted to get, too. It was a nice romp and made me fantasize about the kind of furniture I'll have when I have my own place. 10/10 would go again.

We then got back to my place and played copious amounts of Dropmix, had some good 'ol heart-to-heart chats, and then called it a night. I finally figured out what Party mode is about. It's basically co-op and super fun. The two new playlist packs my boyfriend got make the game so much better. I don't have anything against "Down With the Sickness" or "Call Me Maybe" but they do get grating after a while. Feels like rap/hip-hop is the way to go because those don't clash as much, overall, with other instrumental parts.

The more I study for my TExES exam, the more I want to chill in my downtime. I added to my relax;; and explore;;; collections on itch and tried to play a few that I have downloaded but never got to[2].


I adore the aesthetic of Earthtongue, but I think it hates my Mac. I spent more than an hour, collectively, staring at the start screen and hitting all the buttons, but I couldn't get any land to form or anything to grow. Time doesn't even seem to pass, it just gets stuck and the most I can do is mash the weather button until I get enough points to do a meteor storm, but that doesn't seem to do anything. Boo... If I can, I'll try it out on Bootcamp and see the experience I'm supposed to be having, at least.

Tomorrow I've got some less fun things to do. I can take a bit of a breather with regards to my knitting project since apparently the baby shower's been pushed back a bit. This helps a lot since I'd been a little worried about splitting my time between the blanket and the exam. I have friends flying in next week and I'm super excited! Buuut this also reminds me that I really need to get my business cards printed and done with before AnimeFest. If you're going to that, keep an eye out for me in the visual novel room they're setting up.

August is passing by in a flash. I have so much to do... I've gotta...do my best...!!

  1. We may or may not have gone overboard with appetizers and sides. ↩︎

  2. I want more gardening and exploration games, more beautiful walking simulators. ↩︎