Had an odd, interesting day today. I'm feeling pretty emotionally drained so I'll do bullet points.

  • Studied more TExES stuff. I'm into the Euclidean geometry section, which isn't super fun. I skimmed through and peeked at the trigonometry lite stuff at the end of the chapter and I'm not looking forward to it. Just gotta power through.
  • Went to this orientation for a Vietnamese class my brother, friend, and I are going to take. It seems pretty solid and I'm hoping to fill in the gaps of my language knowledge. I'm pretty fluent in speaking, but struggle with reading and writing. Class starts in September!
  • Played more Dropmix. Wahoo!
  • Had soup dumplings for dinner with my family and got into a fight with my mom over... I'm still not really sure. I think it started when they saw that I'd taken home half of a sandwich that I'd had for lunch the day before. "Why are you eating that?" My food has always been policed. Then it turned into "Your body language is disrespectful" and that escalated into "You are a failure who's never accomplished anything of note." Same old, same old. I got upset, cried a lot, played a lot of MyOasis to calm down, and talked it out with my brother.

I'm playing relaxing games, listening to relaxing things... Trying to come down from feeling terrible about myself. It's hard. It's a daily struggle. I'll keep trying to get through it.