I hope you're doing well, wherever you are
across the horizon
where the sky meets the sea.
I often pause
to think of you,
though you've long not been
with me.
I hope there is no
no reason for you to cry.
As you walk arm in arm
with someone new,
you have no need,
I hope,
to sigh.
Though what we had
and felt
has long since gone,
it has not vanished—
simply taken a new shape.
The love that we once
has merely transferred.
The same feelings,
the same way you laugh,
the pose that puts your body
in the best light,
now aimed at another.
All of it.
The same
and yet not the same.
I hope you get what you want.
I hope you find happiness
at the end of the sky
or in the depths of the sea.
Someday I hope that same happiness
finds me.