I’ve been knitting since very late 2017. I knit English-style (as opposed to continental) and most of the time I’m working on sweaters. I live in Texas so it feels a little foolhardy, but my classroom does get extremely cold so I have found a use for all these sweaters I keep knitting! Lately I’ve also started branching out into knitting socks…

I made a promise to my boyfriend that I wouldn’t buy any new yarn until after we close on a house (which should hopefully happen in 2021 sometime) so right now I’m just trying to work through knitting up all the yarn I’ve already bought. Which is a lot.

You can see all my projects (WIPs and finished objects) here on my Ravelry page. I also have an Instagram that focuses on my knitting. I do post the occasional food or scenery photo, but I’d say more than 90% of the content is knitting-related.

If you’re interested in learning how to knit, YouTube is your best friend but I also highly recommend the book Knit How. It’s new (ish) and very informative and chic.