Solo TTRPGs (tabletop roleplaying games) are like… Dungeons and Dragons but by yourself. They play more like a fictional journaling game where you have to answer prompts through writing. The “game” part is in how you decide which prompts happen. Some games have you rolling dice, but in other games, you might be using a deck of playing cards or a tarot card deck. The prompts you get determine what happens to your character(s) and then you write about it. There’s still plenty of action (depending on the game, of course), but since you’re playing solo it’s a much more relaxed-pace, introspective experience.

Sometimes a bit too relaxed, as you accidentally look at social media for half an hour when all you meant to do was look up a word, I swear! However, with solo TTRPGs you don’t have to work around the personal schedules of a whole group of people to get a session in, which is nice.

This is a subject that I’d really like to explore more. I’m currently planning a podcast on it, just want to figure out how it’ll be structured and everything first. That will eventually have its own page!

In the meantime, I’ll be putting up the diaries/transcripts of my various game sessions here once I’ve edited them some.