My current project as of 2020 is a serial webnovel called Tune of the Wild Geese. It updates (at least) three times a week.

These are the visual novels that I have written and programmed, along with their year of release. They are in chronological order.

Other games I have worked on:

  • For mother’s day, I gave my mother a card.
  • Castaway! Love’s Adventure: TK and Clyde special stories (script writing)
  • Castaway! Love’s Adventure: Logan Season 2 Main Story 3 (script writing)
  • Gangsters in Love: Body Swap special stories (script writing)

I’ve also written some fanfiction here and there. Stuff I’m not too terribly embarrassed by is here on AO3. I also created a visual novel design document template that some people might find useful when planning out their own VNs.