This month at work we have to do inventory, which basically means we have to scan every single book in the store to see what's really there. We're generally responsible only for our own sections, though if you finish up early you're encouraged to help others. Right now I'm responsible for Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror, and Westerns. I'm now just down to having to scan the mass market paperbacks for SFF, which is. An undertaking. I had to scan it last time we did inventory and ARGH it's no fun. I don't really like repetitive tasks very much and that's all scanning is. Tip book back, scan, push book back, repeat with the next book. For hundreds of books. Thousands of books. I will be happy once it's over... I'm going to be doing the SFF paperbacks tomorrow. Blegh.

I really want to start writing 3 pages in the morning, but I want a nice journal to write in so I haven't started yet. All the notebooks I have right now are small. Wait, scratch that, I do have one larger notebook but I wrote on the first page for a project that I'm no longer interested in pursuing. Just now I folded that page over and so now I can use this notebook. All right!! I'm going to start it tomorrow!! It's got such a pretty design of watercolor, rainbow-chrome gems on the front and it's a notebook that lies flat. I'm glad I found it in a drawer just now.

...Okay, actually that first page was bothering me quite a bit, so I tore it out. A totally fresh start.

I may have to accept that I may not quite finish my goals for this month. Maybe it's being too pessimistic to think about that when the month's still got half of it left, but I've been spending so much time coding that it's hard for me to focus on other things. And work has been hectic still so I'll be working four days a week until the week after next. It's nice making more money[1] but I'd like to have time, too.

I recently made the move back to Spotify after using Google Music for ages and gosh I love it. Their recommendations are spot-on. I love listening to the daily mixes they curate for me and I love that there are different ones rather than just mashing everything I vaguely like into one ill-suiting playlist. I'm listening to a song by the Naked and Famous right now and it's just the kind of pastel rock I need in my life.

There's a lot of things I'm working on right now, but every day is full of joy. It's good to be busy. It's good to be learning and growing every day.

  1. I've got just one payment left on this limited edition doll head I've been coveting... ↩︎