Hello. The rate of this blog has been coming and going while I've been struggling with my latest depressive episode. I threw some ideas around about maybe switching to a weekly format, maybe this, maybe that. Ultimately I realized these were all ideas whispered to me by my depressed inner demon. Starting with tonight's entry I'm going to try my hardest to get back to daily posts. They are good for me and I've felt the desire to post every night even in these last few weeks, just felt... I don't know, an overwhelming sort of despair and self-deprecation. So! I'm going to combat that and get back to work on this thing.

A little overview of some things I've been doing, things I haven't gotten around to talking about just yet.

  • I've been working on that animal game I briefly touched on before. The working title is Twixt Tails and I'm nearly done with the outline. I may be working with my friend Sarah on it a little bit, but it's my baby and something I really want to do by myself as much as possible, so we'll see.
  • My friends Jess and Laiska are coming to visit in the next few weeks, at least in part for AnimeFest. I'm still working on coding Without a Voice and we should have a demo available for AF.
  • I finished listening to my audiobook of Sense & Sensibility at last. I'm on Emma now and I can't believe how long it is! It's the longest of the Austen audiobooks I've listened to so far at almost 17 hours.
  • I got my Sohwa doll head! He's gorgeous. I adore him. I need to buy a pair of 14mm eyes for him, though, as all the ones I have are 16mm or 18mm and with his eye...holes? being so much more narrow, the eyes I have don't show enough whites when placed in his head, which looks weird. I haven't quite settled on a color yet. Part of me wants him to be a doll representing my most beloved OC Aeneas, but part of me wants him to be a completely new original character... What a conundrum. I guess I could get a pair of green eyes for Aeneas and another pair (red? gold?) just in case.
  • I learned how to make kokedama! I'm a little addicted. I want to make like 10 more. These are called "poor man's bonsai" and I believe it because it only cost about $14 to make this one. In anticipation of having to move out again, I don't want to overload my room with plants, but rest assured...I will overload my new home with plants. I've got another houseplant[1] on the way, too. Oops.
  • I've gotten back into knitting to do a baby blanket for a friend's upcoming baby shower (shhh it's supposed to be kind of a surprise, so let's hope she doesn't check my social media). It's by far my biggest undertaking because it'll take 840 yards of worsted yarn knitted up with size 7 needles...! I want to knit again more regularly after this... I didn't realize how much I'd missed it.
  • I got to flex my spreadsheet muscles at work and fixed up our daily schedule spreadsheet with conditional formatting to make the managers' jobs much easier in the morning when making it. I think it's going to be used throughout our district now, which is pretty cool.
  • I've very nearly caught up with the Gintama anime. I can't believe it's really ending[2]...

I've been reading more, meditating more, trying to get more in touch with my inner feelings and allowing myself to relax and recuperate while trying to unlock why I get like this. It's scary, facing yourself. Having tea with your demons. I just don't want to hide from them anymore.

I hope you've had a nice weekend. On to the next week!

  1. A Pilea plant, also known as the Chinese money plant! I'm looking forward to adding it to my home. I'm collecting these plants that thrive on indirect sunlight, but my room faces the sun, haha. ↩︎

  2. I'm holding out hope that it's not really. ↩︎