This morning I had an appointment to talk to the coordinator of the teaching certification program I'm applying to. I got all dressed up, put my papers together in a folder, and was nice and ready. Before leaving, I drew a Tessera charm while focusing on the word "today". What awaited me? What would be the theme of the day? I drew the Mountain and laughed. The Mountain is an obstacle, a challenge to overcome. My challenge was this appointment, where I would be having an interview, taking a critical thinking exam, etc. So it was perfect.

The appointment went well. I actually left my folder of papers at home and by the time I realized, I was much too far to turn back[1]. The coordinator was very warm and friendly, making me feel accepted and needed. I've decided on teaching middle school math. So now I've got to study hard and take the corresponding TExES exam. Passing that should get me into the program, then I'll be on my way to becoming a teacher at last.


After the appointment, I stopped by the bookstore to pick up a test prep guide and treated myself to a shiny new planner as a self-reward for adulting. I've resisted spiral-bound planners for the longest time because they're just not my aesthetic, but I've found that the nicest page designs and spreads are in spiral-bound planners. I'm just going to have to suck it up. On the other hand, one of my best friends and I are matching planners now. I have a different cover/color scheme, but ours are from the same company so they have the same designs and prompts and stuff. I'm pretty excited to start filling it out. It's the perfect size for my new messenger bag and it's big enough that I can fit all my notes and ideas in it. I'm in love.

After getting home, I mixed up my Tessera charms and decided to draw one again. I'd finished my challenge, I thought, and wanted to see what the rest of the day would entail. Incredibly, I drew the Mountain once more. Feeling kind of weird, I put it on the chain and decided to wear it around my neck for the day. My second mountain of the day ended up being a lot more stressful, though less serious. Just a little bit of interpersonal drama caused by miscommunication. I had multiple people texting me at once over this issue during my lunch break and it was a bit much.

It wasn't until I was talking about having pulled two mountains that one of my friends and coworkers pointed out that the dramatic situation I'd dealt with was the second one. I was mindblown. I hadn't made that connection at all, but it's true! Aside from the stress of the appointment and the multitexts, my day went very well. Work was pleasantly busy without being overwhelming and I was able to basically get done what I wanted to.

Once I was home again after work, I put the Mountain charm away. It's just about bedtime, but I have to admit I'm a little worried about drawing it yet again. Perhaps I'll just wait until tomorrow...

  1. I got to rewrite my application and she printed out my transcript, no problem. I had been freaking out about it in the car, but in the end it was a non-issue. ↩︎