These days I'm carrying around quite a few bags. I've got my book and laptop bag, which is now heavy with my TExES study guide and new planner. I've got my purse, of course, with my wallet, phone, and other day-to-day essentials[1]. Finally, I've got my beloved linen azuma bag, which carries my knitting. I don't always use the azuma bag; it's for larger projects. Often, I have a little...clutch? Basket-like bag? that works well enough for the accessories or smaller things I like to knit. I didn't plan for them all to go together, color scheme-wise, but I'm glad they do. Though my new Fossil messenger bag is made with waxed canvas and that material seems to pick up every piece of lint possible...


Since I had a $10 reward at Kinokuniya, I went there to browse and found out that they started carrying Unicornos blind boxes!! I was so excited, I grabbed two and was super happy to open them and get two of of the designs I liked the most out of these two particular series. These are so cute. I've been lining up on my computer monitor. When I become a teacher, it'd be nice to leave them on my desk.


I got to introduce a co-worker to the poke place near work that I like! I've been slowly dragging everyone I know there and influenced (or took) a lot of co-workers so it really feels like our go-to place when we don't feel like going to the taco place next door.

I did Zumba this morning for the first time in a while and it felt really good, but there were a couple new songs I struggled a little with. I don't think I'm naturally good at dancing or anything... It really takes me a few sessions to get used to a routine!

The rest of my day was just spent working! It wasn't a particularly hard day, just a normal time though we were scrambling a little at the end to make sure everything was tidied up. I was pulling and packaging our online orders. It's a little disheartening to see how many books we sell through Amazon's marketplace. Everyone uses Amazon. I do, too, of course. But the more we just...give up on buying anything anywhere else, the more we're headed towards a future with them as our overlords. And they're not benevolent. If Jeff Bezos really gave a crap about his employees, he'd do something to make their lives easier with all that money he's got. If he cares that little for the people that make Amazon what it is, what do you think will happen if Amazon runs all the other competition out of business? I certainly don't care to find out. It's so important to support independent businesses, because that's where diversity and new ideas will flow from.

I hope you've had a nice day! The week's half over, so we just have to hang in there for a bit longer.

  1. Though nowadays I've also been carrying around a sketchbook! ↩︎