This time of year is Hatch Chile Fest around here and I met up with my friends to go grocery shopping—specifically for hatch chile things. This year they even had hatch chile hot chocolate, hatch chile kombucha, and a variety of other less conventional items for sale. I'm waiting to finish this blog post before I rip into a jar of hatch chile queso, myself.

The rest of the day has been pretty chill. Laiska bought a cute new pair of shoes and we browsed Barnes & Noble for a while. I got to work on my knitting some more. We watched the first few episodes of Angels of Death[1] and just loafed around. It's nice.

I'm trying to take some time to flip through my TExES notes still, getting the dusty math gears in my head going. I'm feeling pretty good about the material! I'm not learning anything new exactly, just remembering how to do something that used to come so naturally to me. It's a strange feeling.


My virtual succulents are doing great! Look at them go... My real life pilea is starting to look better, too. I guess the poor thing really did just need to overcome travel shock. I can't wait to have my own place so I can create my urban jungle paradise[2].

Last night, after months and months of saying I'd do it later, I finally reorganized my bookshelf. I put the manga on the first (bleeding onto the second) shelf, then followed it up with fiction, comics, teen/YA fiction, non-fiction, and finally games and movies. I'm not 100% satisfied with it because it seems a little haphazard, but at the same time I don't have that much space. I don't have enough room to classify the books into more specific categories. At least this looks good and it naturally flows from books I'd be grabbing more often to books that are more for occasional reference. I've already spotted a few that I could sell/donate without batting an eyelash. I'm glad I gave myself more time to re-evaluate them. It's a nice collection of books, I'd say!

AnimeFest is finally coming up this weekend. I'm so excited! I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the Visual Novel room, I reckon. It'd be great to be able to introduce Without a Voice to more people. I want to keep making games and writing even once I'm a teacher. It's a shame I'm probably not going to be able to work full-time in the industry, but I'm happy to be able to make a difference somewhere else. Maybe after I start, it'll feel like this was my true calling all along. Humans are pretty adaptable.

I hope you're all doing well halfway into the week. Let's keep going!

  1. I'm...not sure how I feel about it? I'm intrigued enough to keep watching to see what happens, but I can't exactly say that it's good. ↩︎

  2. I want a monstera deliciosa plant soooo badly...! ↩︎