I just got back from seeing Crazy Rich Asians in theatres! It was even better than I was expecting. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional romantic comedy film, but this one was so much more genuine and relatable. Of course part of it had to do with the fact that the cast was Asian so I could see myself more in them, but it was also just written very smartly. I loved the banter between characters and the pacing was done well. Things kept moving and I didn't feel like any of the film really dragged. I do wish we'd been able to see more of Astrid, but I'm sure there will be more of her in the second movie[1].

I knew this movie was important for Asian-Americans in general, but I didn't realize how great it would feel for me to watch something like this. Yes, it was focused on Chinese-Singaporeans, but there are elements of Asian culture that are more or less universal. I saw echoes of my own family and experiences in the dramatic events of the movie, teared up when some particularly barbed words hit me as hard as Rachel. I hope lots of people get to see this movie and see it with an open mind. I hope this helps non-Asians understand our culture more, too.


I'm making progress with my blanket! I finally managed to get through the first ball of yarn and am about to get through the first 100 rows. I learned how to do a nice braided join, too, so the transition from the first ball of yarn to the second is pretty seamless. I know the baby won't care what the blanket is like, but I have standards...! It's really coming along nicely, though I wish I hadn't messed up the bottom border so badly. I'll have to make sure I do a really nice job with the top.

We went to the arcade today, too, and I played a whole bunch of DDR. I used to be really good at it and I think my instincts for the game are still there, but my sad body can't keep up. My legs were burning after just doing a few songs on hard mode—not even extreme! I wish there was an easier way to practice and get back into it. I sort of miss the days when the 10K Commotion lifestyle was what I aspired towards.

I may not update this blog the next few days because I'll be at a convention; I may just post a retrospective after it's over. We'll see how it goes. My whims tend not to be permanent creatures. Anyway, Kate Spade is having a random flash sale that I really need to get in on (maybe) so I'll peace out for now! Have a wonderful evening/day!

  1. The extra credits scene and the imminent success of this film all but guarantee the sequel, no? ↩︎